Oct. 24, 1958 - Letter To Editor ... Mesa, Arizona, Oct. 16, 1958. Hello Jim, Greetings from Mesa, nice trip down through Reno over the Hoover dam, beautiful place. Little warm here last few days, 102 degrees yesterday. We went up over the Apache trail to Roosevelt dam yesterday, steep and crooked, came back over the desert through Miami where the Anaconda Cooper Co. have a large mine and smelter. What a sight. The tailings from the mill make quite a mountain. They tell us these will be reclaimed some day. They are picking cotton here now. Dates are ripe and on the market, some on the tree yet. Grapefruit, lemons, good size but very green. We just came back from Maricopa Inn, winter home of the Chicago Cubs, where we had lunch. Miss the coffee bar at home. They don't make good coffee here. Say hello to gang. Geo. Rine.

Dec. 12, 1958 - People now drawing social security benefits will receive their increased payment in the January check received early in Feb. of 1959 ... Increased payments will be made automatically and people drawing social security checks need not contact their social security office ... The increase in benefits will average about seven per cent, the minimum benefit beginning in 1959 will be $33.00 and a person now drawing the maximum of $108.50 will receive $116.00 per month. A maximum monthly payment to any one family, formerly limited to $200, may now be as much as $254.00.

Dec. 12 - Sid Snyder, Seaview grocer, while attending a Democratic caucus at the Legislative building in Olympia, Sunday, received his appointment as assistant chief clerk for the House of Representatives. Snyder plans to take up his work at Olympia on January 5th preparatory to opening of legislative sessions on January 12th.

July 17, 1959 - ... Washington, D. C., July 13, 1959. Chinook Observer: For your information, Rev. Lawrence H. Mitchelmore, pastor of Presbyterian churches, Long Beach and Ilwaco, Washington ... today pronounced the invocation opening July 13 session of United States Senate. Rev. Mitchelmore is father of Charles H. Mitchelmore, University of Oregon graduate and student intern in office of Senator Richard L. Neuberger.

Sept. 4 - Fishing pictures and views of Ilwaco's new port basin are to be put on channel 8 TV tonight with the "Fishing and Hunting" program at 8 o'clock. Doug LaMere, sports director; Larry Barrett, cameraman, and Tom McCall, newsman, were all at Ilwaco port Monday.

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