ILWACO - While some women spend an afternoon a pharmacy or department store to pick up the right shade of foundation or lipstick for their daily beauty regimen, others are sleeping in until the last minute and simply washing their face in the morning to face the world each day. What once seemed an endless battle for a lot of women has now become a pleasure with one of the latest advances in cosmetics in our area - permanent cosmetic services at Azure Salon and Spa by Bobbie Woodworth.

Similar to the process of tattooing, permanent cosmetics have taken a spotlight when it comes to advances in beauty rituals. Using a small handheld machine or a manual needle pen, Woodworth applies color to clients' eyebrows, eyelids, lips and face using up to 16 basic ink hues blended to the appropriate shade.

The process takes approximately two hours to complete. Once the client's eyeliner, eyebrow enhancement, beauty mark or lip color is complete, the area must be kept moist with ointment for several days to lock in the color.

Each patient is given a local anesthetic before the procedure to ease any pain, which Woodworth says she has experienced firsthand.

Once fully healed, the color can last as long as several years. Touch-up sessions are often required because the ink is deposited in the upper layers of the skin and can eventually fade - unlike the average tattoo.

At the moment, Woodworth's average female client is over 40 years old and typically come to her for eyeliner applications. Her oldest client to date is an 83-year-old woman.

"A lot of older women find it difficult to apply their eyeliner because they wear glasses," explains the Hawaii native. "Once they take off their glasses to do their makeup, they can't see anything! I can make it look as natural or as dramatic as you like it to be."

Azure Salon and Spa is located at 177 Howerton Way SE in Ilwaco.For more information about the cosmetic procedures, call Azure Salon and Spa at 642-4080.

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