Pet Report: Big Dogs - Big Changes

Bobby will dance for you - Won't you give him a chance?

South Pacific County Humane Society Animal Shelter: 330 N. 2nd Street NE, Long Beach, WA 98631

Phone (360) 642-1180

Visited our shelter recently? If not, you're in for a surprise! We're growing by leaps and bounds and adding new outside cages for our dogs. Now every lovable mutt gets to spend the day outside within the safety of his or her own pen! And our pens are definitely full! Featured this week are several special dogs - the first two are both new, and both BIG:

First, come in and meet Shrek. You're in for a treat. This gentle giant came to us from South Bend, where he was found wandering the streets looking for a home. He's a German Shepherd mixed with "huge," about 9 months old, neutered, and a definite sweetie - an absolutely wonderful pet for the right home!

Second, say "hi" to Bessie, who also was picked up as a stray. Another sweet big one, she's a spayed St. Bernard/Labrador retriever mix, about 2 years old. She's a "must-see" before you make any definite decisions about adoption.

(Sorry, no pictures available yet for either of these two. You'll just have to stop by and see the real McCoys.)

Finally, Bobby (pictured) is a playful 2-year-old, a Labrador mix who's full of fun. All he needs is a loving family and you'll make his life complete.

Good news for large dogsIt's a fact that landlords with pet-friendly policies have fewer vacancies and can charge higher rents. But there are some misunderstandings, and a little research with the experts reveals one of them:

Many landlords and apartment communities don't allow pets at all, and if they do, they ban large dogs by setting a 20-pound weight limit. Some property owners are reluctant to accept pets because they fear the damage that a few do cause. But a 20-pound weight limit won't prevent damage. In fact, some small breeds create more noise and damage than larger breeds.

Veterinarians and other animal-care professionals agree that many larger dogs such as golden retrievers, Great Danes and Labradors cause less damage and actually do better in apartments than some smaller dogs, such as terriers and poodles.

Love critters? Here's your opportunity to help by becoming a member of South Pacific County Humane Society. Yearly membership is $15 for one person and $25 for a family. All proceeds go to provide medicine and needed supplies to keep the shelter animals healthy and happy. Donations of food, kitty litter and pet toys also are appreciated. We'll be adding special benefits for members this year, so stay tuned!

Don't forget our Holiday Gift and Bake Sale. The event will take place just before Thanksgiving, on Nov. 19-20, so we can all buy our Turkey Day goodies at the sale! If you haven't already done so, please call 665-3771 to make arrangements for drop-offs or to let us know if you plan to bake so we can get an idea of what's coming in. Thank you so much for your generous hearts.

The South Pacific County Humane Society animal shelter is at 330 2nd Street NE, next to the County buildings in downtown Long Beach, phone 642-1180. We're open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; closed Sunday and Monday. Monthly meetings, open to the public, are at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month.

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