Pet Report: Spooky Days are Here Again

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Halloween is a favorite fun time for many people, especially kids. But beware of the dangers that abound for your pet. For a safe holiday, consider these tips for your animals:

• Don't let your pets be outside unattended on Halloween. Halloween pranks committed against pets (especially black cats!) can be vicious. There are many stories of pets teased, injured, stolen, even killed on this night.

• Trick-or-treat candies are for people, not for pets: Chocolate is poisonous to many animals, while aluminum foil, lollipop sticks, and cellophane wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed.

• Keep your pets away from lit pumpkins: They may knock one over and cause a fire. Curious kittens, in particular, run the risk of getting burned.

• Consider skipping the Halloween costume unless you know your pet loves it. This can put a lot of stress on the animal. If you do dress up your pet, be sure that its costume doesn't interfere with its ability to breathe, see, hear, move, or bark. Remember that even the sweetest pets may become cranky and/or snappy when they're unable to see what's going on around them.

• All but the most sociable animals should be kept in a separate room during trick-or-treat hours; too many strangers in strange costumes can be scary for a lot of pets.

• Be careful your cat or dog doesn't dart outside when you open your door for trick-or-treaters. If you do allow your pet to remain in the main room with you, make sure he or she is wearing proper ID. You'll be much more likely to have the pet returned to you if it bolts in the confusion.

And, don't forget the Shelter's Halloween costume party at 1 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 30. Enter your kids and your pets in our holiday costume show for the happy-go-lucky little ones who want to show off their favorite dress-up garb. Refreshments, prizes, and fun for every age!

We still need bakers, crafters and donations of gift-quality items for our Holiday Gift and Bake Sale. The event will take place just before Thanksgiving, so we can all buy our Turkey Day goodies at the sale! Please call 665-3771 to make arrangements for drop-offs or to let us know that you will be baking so we can get an idea of what is coming in. Thank you so much for your generous hearts.

The South Pacific County Humane Society is located at 330 2nd Street, Northeast, next to the County buildings. Our hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Monthly meetings are open to the public at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month.

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