"A Vancouver businessman whose light seaplane hit a power line and crashed into Oregon Slough of the Columbia River Wednesday was rescued by quick action of two women in a small boat with an outboard motor.

"The pilot, Loren H. Corder, 56, Vancouver, president of Corder Oldsmobile, Inc., was flying a 1960 Cessna seaplane, model 180, in a westerly direction when the plane hit a 100,000 volt Portland General Electric Co. powerline. The line stretched from the Oregon shore over to Tomahawk Island across the Slough a quarter mile east of the U. S. 99 bridge which crosses over to Jantzen Beach.

"Mrs. Dorothy Windust heard the plane crash and called out to her neighbor Mrs. Giovanna M. Garrison, houseboat 2, 'Let's get out the boat and go.' The seaplane flipped completely over in the crash, submerging wings and cockpit, with the pilot inside. The undamaged pontoons kept it floating high. Corder, who said he 'swallowed a lot of the river,' managed to get out and was clinging to a pontoon calling for help when the women in their outboard arrived minutes later.

"Corder who sustained a cut on his head and a bruised leg, estimated he was under water for several minutes. Corder's doctor late Wednesday described his condition as 'serious.' The pilot was in a state of shock and could not be x-rayed ... The head injury did not appear severe, but he had 'crushing injuries to his legs.' ...

"Corder was coming back to Vancouver from his summer home at Klipsan Beach, Wn., where he has a private landing area, and was coming in for a landing on the river, when he saw the power line. But it was too late to pull up, he said."

-Reprinted from the Oregonian, June 2, 1961

That private landing field at Klipsan Beach has become the site of the Peninsula Senior Center, the Family Clinic at North Beach, and the Golden Sands Assisted Living quarters. The Corder Foundation has helped to make all three institutions a reality.

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