Long Beach Police DepartmentOn Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to 2nd Street in Ilwaco for a "rolling" domestic violence incident. An investigation revealed that both parties had been drinking and were ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. After determining things were settled down between the individuals, the officers cleared the scene.

At 8:05 p.m., an officer was dispatched to Ocean Beach Boulevard for a disturbance. The evasive female at the location told the officer nothing physical had occurred and that her boyfriend and another individual had "gone behind the building to talk."

At 8:36 p.m., on Ocean Beach Boulevard a house had been egged. No damage was reported but there was a mess left to clean up.

On Feb. 12 at 12:02 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the hospital for a "kid making threats" who had attempted to harm himself earlier in the day. The officer interviewed six potential victims who said the youth had said he was going to kill them. The youth was taken into protective custody and a mental health professional called to assist.

On Feb. 14 at 9:30 a.m., malicious mischief was reported after someone tried to break into a local business, but did not gain entry.

At 5:02 p.m., a man was reported in traffic stopping vehicles and asking for money. The officer gave the man a verbal warning about his conduct.

On Feb. 15 at 12:46 p.m., a 15-year-old male from Long Beach allegedly assaulted another 15-year-old while at the high school. A charge of fourth-degree assault has been sent to the juvenile court for filing.

At 4:30 p.m., a male transient in a trench coat and bandana, with black fingernails had attempted to cash a "very old" $4,200 check at a bank in Ilwaco. When they refused, he attempted to intimidate them. An officer contacted the man and told him to stay away from the bank and to stop panhandling. After dealing with him again for panhandling the man asked for a ride to Astoria; it was provided.

On Feb. 16 at 6:18 p.m., officers were dispatched to a local motel that denied a room to two legally deaf individuals with a service dog. The owner of the business said they could have a room if they paid an extra $150 for the dog. When an officer discussed denial of civil rights and discrimination issues with the owner of the business, the man said he didn't care and they could sue him and that he knew there were a lot of people in town and they might have trouble finding another room. The case is under investigation and charges may be forthcoming.

On Feb. 17 at 1:17 p.m., officers were dispatched to a local motel for an assault. A guest in the facility allegedly assaulted one of the owners of the business after being asked to leave the establishment due to a domestic disturbance in their room. Suspect Laura L. Sharp, age 49, from was cited for fourth-degree assault in the incident.

At 6:08 p.m., near Bolstad Avenue, an officer stopped Jeremy R. Schmidt, age 18, from Ridgefield for speeding and "squirreling" around. He was cited for third-degree driving while license suspended.

At 6:49 p.m., an officer was dispatched to Sid Snyder and Pacific Avenue for a call of a vehicle with a baby locked inside. The owners of the vehicle asked that a locksmith be called.

On Feb. 19 at 2 p.m., a student reported his wallet, MP4 and miscellaneous other items were stolen from a locker.

At 7:08 p.m., a vacation home on California Street in Long Beach had been burglarized and numerous items were missing.

At 10:55 p.m., an officer observed Crystal E. Burdett, age 38, from Long Beach walking by the LBPD office. Burdett had a felony warrant on her. After confirming the warrant officers arrested her. In a search subsequent to her arrest they found two baggies with methamphetamine in them, one marked with someone's name. She was booked into Pacific County Jail on the warrant and for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

On Feb. 20 at 9:30 p.m., officers responded to a boat fire at the Port of Ilwaco. The boat was a total loss. At 2:50 a.m., on Feb. 21, there was another report of a boat fire. The same boat was again fully-engulfed in flames.

On Feb. 21 at 9 a.m., a deer decoy was stolen from a yard on Myrtle Street in Ilwaco. Two decoys were allegedly stolen from the same street earlier in the week.

At 9:31 a.m., on Orteillus Drive in Ilwaco, a 17 year old male was booked into Pacific County Jail on an outstanding warrant.

On Feb. 22 at 12:25 p.m., a woman reported her son had taken her car without permission. He youth returned to the woman's workplace with the car at 2:20 p.m.

At 12:49 p.m., officers responded to an aid call for a 2-year-old child on North Washington who had drank an "entire bottle" of children's liquid Tylenol. The Poison Control Board was called and Medix transported the child to the hospital for observation.

Pacific County Sheriff's DepartmentOn Feb. 22 agents of the Cowlitz Wahkiakum Narcotics Task Force (CWNTF), assisted by members of the Pacific County Sheriff's Office, Wahkiakum County Sheriff's Office, Longview Police Street Crimes Team, Kelso Police Department and Lower Columbia SWAT, executed a series of search warrants in the Kelso/Longview area. Five adults were arrested. In addition methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana growing equipment, numerous firearms, explosives, cash and vehicles were seized. This investigation is ongoing and numerous additional arrests are expected.

In August 2007 agents of the CWNTF received information on a sophisticated drug distribution enterprise operating out of the Longview area. Using a variety of investigative tools, agents linked this current drug trafficking organization to cases in Columbia and Clatsop Counties in Oregon as well as Pacific County in Washington. In the following months agents orchestrated a series of drug buys with numerous members of the conspiracy. Essentially the organization operated a "dispatch" center where a small group of suspects took phone calls from prospective drug buyers and dispatched other organization members to deliver the drugs.

On Feb. 22, agents obtained search warrants for three residences and numerous vehicles associated with the drug trafficking group. The residence included: 636 California Way No. 137 in Longview which was the distribution "hub" for the retail portion of the business; 3969 Estate Drive in Longview which was a "safe" house for upper level members of the organization; and 911 South Pacific Avenue No. 8, Kelso which was the residence of a retail level member of the group. Due to past contacts with the organization and the large volume of guns and drugs associated with other cells of the group the residence at 636 California Way No. 137 in Longview was secured by Lower Columbia SWAT.

During the search(s) conducted agents found drugs in all three locations. A total of eight firearms were seized from the California Way residence including a shotgun stolen in a Cougar burglary in January and two additional firearms with the serial numbers removed. Also located in that residence were two blocks of TNT. The Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad responded to assist in the safe removal of these explosives.

Arrested were: Celso Pulido-Rosales, age 43, was arrested for violation of the controlled substance act. Elbis Espinosa-Torres, age 27, was arrested and charged with violation of the controlled substance act four counts of delivery of methamphetamine, violation of the controlled substance act possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, violation of the controlled substance act possession with intent to deliver cocaine, two counts of possession of stolen property second-degree, possession of a stolen firearm possession of unlawful firearm and unlawful possession of explosives. Bail is set at $250,000. Sergio Antonio-Torres Alvares, age 21, was arrested and charged with violation of the controlled substance act possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, violation of the controlled substance act possession with intent to deliver cocaine. His bail was set at $50,000. Yessica Zurita-Vidana, age 25, was arrested and charged with violation of the controlled substance act possession with intent to deliver cocaine, violation of the controlled substance act conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine, money laundering. Bail was set at $100,000 for this individual. And, Luis Manuel Valencia-Salinas, age 19, was arrested and charged with violation of the controlled substance act four counts of delivery of methamphetamine and violation of the controlled substance act possession of methamphetamine. His bail was set at $50,000.

This investigation is ongoing and additional arrests and seizures are expected.

Member of the CWNTF are extremely grateful for the cooperation and assistance of members of each of the agencies that participated in the events as well as to the numerous members of the community who provided information that has helped us during this investigation.

On Feb. 23 at 7:05 p.m., deputies responded to the area of 306th and "U" street for a motor vehicle accident. The driver of one vehicle was contacted and reported another vehicle had struck his vehicle and then left the scene. The driver of the vehicle that got struck stopped the other by honking his horn. One driver allegedly assaulted the other driver. Deputies conducted an investigation and located the driver of the vehicle that left the scene of the accident. That driver was arrested and booked into Pacific County Jail. Steven Whiting, age 39, of Ocean Park was booked for hit and run, attended vehicle and assault fourth-degree.

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