LONG BEACH — At the May 16 Long Beach City Council meeting, city administrator Gene Miles reported that a larger than city-wide tax base will be necessary to support a facility in Long Beach otherwise there would be an approximate $300,000 shortfall.

This is based on data gathered from other swimming pool facilities surveyed by Miles and other members of a committee considering the pool issue.

“It’s serious money when it comes to subsidizing these things,” he said.

The late Verna Oller bequeathed $3.5 million for the construction of an indoor swimming pool in Long Beach, but city officials and the pool committee are still working the numbers to see what it would take to maintain such a facility.

Finance director David Glasson said that before breaking ground, the city needs to prove that it can operate the facility for five years.


Water plant hearing

Mayor Bob Andrew opened a public hearing on the close out of the Community Development Block Grant for the water plant. No one from the public chose to speak and the hearing was closed.

In other business, the council approved a wellness program incentive for city employees.

Andrew also read proclamations for Relay for Life’s Paint the Town Purple in June and National Public Works Week (May 15 through 21). He also announced that the new water plant will host an open house on June 18.

Among council reports, Steven Linhart asked the council to consider putting a dog park on a city-owned piece of property near Boulevard and 7th Street South. He added that the circus will return to the gravel lot off the Bolstad beach approach on June 5.

In his report, Long Beach Police Chief Flint Wright stated that he is having the floors replaced in an office space, the squad room and the bathroom at the police station.

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