PORT OF ILWACO - Port of Ilwaco Manager Mack Funk announced Tuesday that, because of construction on the First and Howerton beautification project, electrical service would be interrupted at the port beginning this week. Funk said the outages, lasting from two to four hours, would begin at the east end of the port and move west.

Funk also said that, because of the construction, a detour has been set up on Waterfront Way. He said a 10 mph sign has been erected to slow down speeders on the narrow roadway. Port business owner Donna Kinman requested signs at each end of the port saying port shops are open for business during the construction. Funk approved her request.

A raised-bed garden area has been constructed near the port's boat storage yard using old pilings from the port's marina, Funk said, and plants will be transplanted from the boat repair yard. He also said an urban forester would view the port's other planting efforts at the dredge spoil area and advise them on finding plants that will hold up in the salt air.

The port's finance officer, Mary DeLong, reported a net cash increase of $47,980 last year over 2001. Cash reserves were $558,117 as of Dec. 31, DeLong said.

Operations revenue was $45,047 higher than last year, she said, with moorage up by $9,000 and by $17,000 at the boatyard. General and operations expenses were closest to budget, DeLong said, but health care insurance for port employees was up $16,000 over the previous year, advertising up $10,000 and utility costs up $12,000.

Maintenance and project expenses for the year performed well against the budget, DeLong said, at $102,000 higher than in 2001. Float and piling work took up $74,000 of the total, maintenance labor costs were up $28,000 and airport expenses increased $8,000.

Harbormaster Jamie Sowers reported that the dredge Patriot had been sold to Ross Island Sand and Gravel for $500. The barge, which had been moored at the port for several years and created problems when it slipped its moorings during storms, was moved to Portland last week. "It was a pleasure doing business with Ross Island," Sowers said. Sowers also reported that dock repairs to P Float were completed and the next project will be to repair storm damage to C Dock.

Sowers reported on four incidents of vandalism at the port that included stop signs destroyed, shooting out a window on an excavator and damage to grass at the boat ramp. All but one of the perpetrators was apprehended by Long Beach Police Department officers, she said. "They did a really good job."

The swinging ladder on the port's dredge broke loose recently, Sowers reported, creating a large hole in the dredge's deck. Repairs were made.

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