ILWACO - Last week's downpour created problems for the city of Ilwaco's storm drains, Mayor Ed Leonard said at Monday's city council meeting. A large pond was created at the south end of Myrtle Street over the weekend. He said, "The storm line under the Port of Ilwaco parking lot has apparently collapsed completely."

The city crew and a pump owned by the city were working at the site this week and a pipe was provided by the port to drain the water.

Leonard said the collapsed line, an abandoned concrete sewer line, was decades old and had been converted to storm drainage. He said he couldn't authorize use of city funds for repair of what he said is the port's line and the council must approve the continued use of the city's crew.

Port of Ilwaco Manager Mack Funk said he hopes some kind of solution for fixing the line can be reached between the port and the city. "I hope we can split the cost of solving a problem we've had since December," he said. "We're going to have to replace the pipe and at some point we need to decide to do that. If port and city crews work together we could keep the costs down. I'm willing to split the cost with the city and have been for quite a while."

Four property owners who live near the newly created pond attended the meeting. Water has entered their homes. One resident said his wife's business has been flooded.

"The pump will give some relief," Leonard said, "but if there's another deluge it will be marginal." And, he added, the pumps can't be left at the site because of the dangers of vandalism to city property.

"I recommend we move ahead as fast as possible and get this solved," Councilman Mike Cassinelli said. "The line's not working. Let's fix it. We owe it to our residents."

Councilman Doug Hubbard agreed. "It needs to be done as soon as possible. It's not fair to the people affected by this if we wait. It's a small sum of money and a major problem."

The council approved moving ahead to fix the collapsed pipe.

Leonard announced that the annual children's fishing derby and Loyalty Day parade are coming up in a month. "It's time to start cleaning up fishing gear and making plans for costumes and bicycle decorations," he said. "We are always looking for volunteers as well."

An executive session followed Monday's meeting to discuss legal and personnel matters.

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