20,000-pound concrete drum proves difficult to remove after accident Wednesday

<I>SUBMITTED photo</I><BR>The 20,000-pound concrete drum from a Dennis Company Redi-Mix truck that overturned last week is removed from a pasture in Naselle.

NASELLE - A concrete truck owned by Dennis Company Ready Mix of Ilwaco which went off the shoulder of the North Valley Road and rolled on its side in Naselle last Wednesday created more of a problem in the removal of the fully loaded drum of ready-mix than occurred in the removal of the truck.

It took the services of three workers with two heavy-duty wreckers and a shop truck with cutting equipment to get the fully loaded truck back on the road. The wrecker workers were forced to cut the drum, loaded with over seven yards of concrete, away from the truck frame with an acetylene torch. The drum and its hardened load of concrete were still in the pasture two days later, awaiting the right equipment to move it out.

Getting the truck out of the ditch proved to be the easy part. Getting the 20,000-plus pound drum of concrete out of the pasture and on to a low-boy proved to be anything but easy. Darrell Miller of Ace Towing and Robert Maple of Owen Aerospace, both of Long Beach, labored long and hard in attempting to work the drum on to a low-boy.

Use of a heavy-duty wrecker was not enough, and the two finally had to resort to having some rock hauled in and using a rubber-tired dozer to create an access road. Finally, after a full day of effort and with the use of two heavy-duty wreckers and the dozer, the drum was worked onto the low-boy trailer which had been backed down the access road into the pasture.

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