PENINSULA — Peninsula Poverty Response has big dreams for the next five years.

The nonprofit recently published the organization’s five-year plan. Most notably, the group hopes to create a community resource center.

The center, which would be called Hand in Hand Resource Center, is proposed to open in June 2020. The center would include a kitchen and eating area, an indoor recreation center, laundry facilities, mailboxes and showers.

Childcare services, emergency housing space, life skills classes and wraparound services also are planned. Clothing, hygiene items full-time resource navigators and food from local food banks would be present as well.

“PPR will continue to build our facility and programs as we grow and increase our resources and funding,” said Nichole Lopez, PPR board member. “The Hand in Hand Center will be a hub where all members of the community can come to one place and get resources.”

PPR hopes to partner with community groups, which would have office space at the center.

The center, which would be open year-round, would be located on the bus line for easy access.

“Our neighbors will be able to access housing services, food banks, share a meal and much more,” Lopez said. “This will be a center where services are brought to the person.”

The group plans to either start construction or a remodel in January 2020, according to the plan.

PPR’s other focuses

The group’s five-year plan includes other goals, which focus on outreach, advocacy, training and capacity building.

Outreach: PPR plans to continue hosting Project Community Connect, its annual resource fair for community members. The group also intends to continue hosting its annual student resource fair, poverty training simulations and weekly volunteer-ran outreach projects. PPR also is in the process of starting an email newsletter.

Advocacy: PPR’s advocacy-related goals include hosting community meetings, community marketing, hiring a PPR coordinator, and working with local and state representatives.

Training: PPR will continue to host volunteer and board training. The group also will continue sending members to the annual Washington Low Income Housing Alliance conference on ending homelessness.

Capacity building: PPR will hire a coordinator in spring 2019 who will help the organization maintain and create funding resources. The group will also continue working with an AmeriCorps volunteer. Finally, PPR will continue fundraising through events such as the Cape D sprint triathlon.

More information on PPR is available at

Alyssa Evans is a staff writer for the Chinook Observer. Contact her at 360-642-8181 or

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