OLYMPIA - At a hearing held in Olympia Sept. 14, Public Disclosure Commission Chairman Earl Tilly imposed civil penalties against a number of candidates, including Ocean Beach School Board candidate Kris Kaino, an Ilwaco resident and Astoria attorney.

Candidates are required under state law to file a Statement of Personal Financial Affairs with the Public Disclosure Commission within two weeks of becoming a candidate for an office in a jurisdiction with 1,000 or more registered voters. Candidates seeking office in a jurisdiction with 5,000 or more registered voters also file a Candidate Registration within two weeks.

"The reports required under the public disclosure laws give the public access to meaningful information about a candidate," Tilly said in a press release. "The Public Disclosure Commission holds all candidates to the same standard. A monetary penalty is an appropriate consequence when reports are not timely filed."

The candidates who were issued a civil penalty had previously been sent two warning letters asking them to comply with the reporting requirements. A letter reminding each candidate of his or her obligation to file was sent on Aug. 25, and a letter with an opportunity to pay a $100 fine and forego an enforcement hearing was sent on Sept. 2.

Kaino, an unopposed candidate for director of Ocean Beach School District 101, was assessed a penalty of $200 for failure to file the Candidate Registration Statement (PDC form C-1) and a Statement of Financial Affairs (PDC form F-1) within two weeks of becoming a candidate. The forms were filed on Sept. 14.

In a separate proceeding, two north Pacific County candidates were fined for failing to file Statements of Personal Financial Affairs with the commission.

Daniel Borg, candidate for director of Willapa Valley School District 160, was assessed a penalty of $100. Dawn Wright, candidate for city council of the city of Raymond, also was assessed a penalty of $100. Both have now filed the required forms.

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