Man held on $125,000 bail after alleged attack on Seaview womanSEAVIEW - Her ordeal lasted only about 10 minutes, but for a Seaview woman held at knifepoint in her home Feb. 16, it might as well have been 10 days.

A man is in Pacific County Jail under $125,000 bail after he allegedly assaulted a Seaview woman, holding her at knifepoint and threatening to kill her when she came home between jobs at about 11 a.m., Feb. 16.

The woman, who didn't want to be identified for this story and will be called "Jane," had unlocked her front door and returned to the porch to pick up a vacuum cleaner, when she said she saw a corkboard on the wall moving. "I saw it like a shadow of someone, a flash," she said. "I immediately thought 'Someone's hiding in the bedroom,' so I yelled 'Hey, come out. Who's there?'

"I was home at an odd hour," she said, "so I thought it could have been a neighbor or my son-in-law."

When there was no response, "Jane" picked up the phone, thinking the person would show himself if he heard her dialing. She called an employee at the motel where she works, "Bill" (not his real name), to tell him she thought there was someone in the house then, still on the phone, she says she got angry and shouted "Dammit, get out here now!"

That's when the man lunged at her, literally growling, she said, from the bedroom, holding a knife. Ricky Burdett, 33, of Astoria, was arrested and booked the next morning after deputies searched for him into the evening, eventually finding him hiding in a house across the street.

"Jane" said she immediately recognized the man as a friend of her ex-husband and remembered his first name - Ricky. "I asked him if he was looking for my ex," she said. "He nodded and said he owed him $25,000.

"He grabbed my shirtsleeve and twisted it," she said. "I knew immediately to maintain eye contact with him and not lose it. I needed to know what he was going to do."

She said last Tuesday, nearly a week after the incident, she's "almost got the smell of him out my nose. I can't describe the smell of him and the sound of his voice - almost like a growl, hoarse and whispery. He said he was going to kill me at least four or five times."

The 48-year-old woman, who emphasized she doesn't want to be referred to as a victim, is 5-feet, 2 inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds. Needless to say, she was terrified, but she tried to remain calm.

"I was attempting by buy time and talked to him while my friend at the motel was still on the phone and could hear what was going on." She said her friend was trying to get her address for the 9-1-1 dispatcher so she told the man with the knife that her ex-husband didn't live at the house anymore. "This is my house," she said, giving the address so her friend could hear on the phone.

"My survival instincts kicked in," she said. "My childhood taught me a lot. Sometimes you have to be a bit sneaky. This isn't the first time my life has been threatened."

The man noticed the phone in her hand and told her to put it down. "I didn't want to let go of it," she said. "It was my lifeline. He asked me who I was talking to and, since I knew he was looking for my ex-husband, I told him that's who I had called. Then he wanted to talk to him. I stalled him and he got really agitated, twisted my shirtsleeve and put the knife to my neck, under my throat and under my ribs."

She told her friend at the motel, calling him by her ex-husband's name, that the man wanted to talk to him. The friend picked up on the situation immediately and, saying he was the ex-husband, talked to Burdett, asking him what he's doing. "I'm back," she said Burdett replied. "Back for revenge."

"Bill" continued to talk to Burdett, asking him to leave "Jane" alone, asking him if she's going to be all right. "If she wants to live," she said Burdett responded.

"There's no doubt 'Bill' saved my life," she said. "He helped me buy time and by calling 9-1-1. It would have been very easy for him to just hang up, but he pretended to be my ex and agreed to meet Ricky and tried to calm him down and talk him out of hurting me. He's only 25, but he's amazing. To think as fast as he did and realize he had to keep me on the phone was amazing."

Pacific County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to the report of a woman being assaulted by a man with a knife at 11:10 a.m. By this time Burdett had grabbed "Jane's" arm and pulled it up behind her back and had the knife to her throat. "I tried to get around him in the hallway but it was too narrow," she said.

She kept "jabbering" at Burdett, she said, so he wouldn't hear the deputies' patrol cars pulling up to the house. "The front door was still open," she said. "He told me he was dying and was going to kill me and anyone who came through the door, including law enforcement. He said 'None of this matters. I'm dying anyway.'"

"He heard the third patrol car pull up and I'm looking at his eyes and his whole demeanor changed," she said. "I knew he knew someone was here. That's when I elbowed him and took off running toward the porch."

That's when Dep. Rich Byrd arrived, along with a number of other officers, and Burdett dove head first out the back bedroom window, running into the woods. According to PCSO Chief Criminal Deputy Ron Clark, the search for Burdett went into the early evening hours with no result.

The search resumed the next morning and, at a little after 10 a.m., Byrd noticed a broken lock on a shed across from "Jane's" house and a broken window in a house. He and Clark entered the home, searched it room by room, and found Burdett in an upstairs bedroom.

He was taken into custody without incident and taken to Pacific County Jail where he was held on $125,000 bail. On Friday, he was charged in Pacific County Superior Court for first-degree burglary, first-degree assault and first-degree kidnapping, all with a deadly weapon enhancement, and second-degree malicious mischief. Charges following the break-in to the shed and residence after he fled the scene are second-degree residential burglary and second-degree malicious mischief. The first-degree burglary offense is a "strike" offense in Washington. A pretrial hearing is set for March 18 and a trial will be April 21.

A spokeswoman for the Pacific County Prosecutor's Office said Burdett's sanity at the time of the incident will be evaluated by Western State Hospital.

"All the officers, my deputies and LBPD officers, did a good job containing the scene and investigating" the case, Pacific County Sheriff John Didion said Tuesday, "especially Rich and Ron. Rich came back the next day because he felt the suspect was still there. It was a great job of observation for him to locate the house where the suspect was hiding. I'm really proud of both of them for their expertise and the fact that they cared enough to go back through the area to check. It's a good example of how much officers care about the people they serve and the dedication they have."

Meanwhile, "Jane" is back home after spending a few days at a motel, still trying to get the sounds and smells of her alleged attacker out of her system - and thanking "Bill" for saving her life.

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