NASELLE - Among the many events happening during the Finn Fest '08, was a raffle. Winners were as follows:

1st Prize - $500 - Kathleen Luquette

2nd Prize - $500 - Diane Taylor

3rd Prize - Iittala Oiva Toikka Crystal 2008 Bird donated by Finn-Ware - Susan Holway

Other prizes:

? Map of Finland, handmade quilt by Barbara Rose and Arlene Stefan was won by Joyce Owen

? 1912 Deep River Camp locomotive picture donated by Appelo Archives and matted by Audrey Wirkkala was won by Glen Morris.

? Quilt made by the ladies of the Naselle Lutheran Church was won by June Bigelow.

? Hand-woven rug made by the Congregational Martha Circle Ladies of Naselle was won by Veja Lahti.

? Sweatshirt and T-shirt donated by the Scandia Festival of Astoria was won by Ann Peitsch.

? Wooden platter donated and constructed by Tim Wilson of Naselle was won by Gertie Rinell.

? Finn Am poster framed and donated by Steve Raistakka of Naselle was won by Gerry Johnson.

? Framed salmon labels donated by Steve Raistakka of Naselle were won by Ann Peitsch.

? Assortment of goodies in a basket from the F.A.F.F. Committee was won by Joyce Owen.

? "Our Gang" framed picture donated by Richard Nikkila was won by Susan Holway.

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