NASELLE - The fall rains have returned to the Pacific Northwest, but with not nearly the intensity in Naselle as in other areas to the north of Pacific County.

The "Pineapple Express" which delivered a record shattering monsoonal-type rainstorm to Northwestern Washington and British Columbia gave the Naselle area a glancing blow rather than the full brunt of the downpour that the other areas experienced.

Even while experiencing less than a full-effect Pineapple Express, the rain gauge at the Naselle Fish Hatchery still recorded 7.95 inches in a six-day period at mid-month. Another seven-day period with 3.96 inches of rain earlier in the month helped October to come in with 14.24 inches of rainfall. That is the seventh wettest October in the last 25 years as measured at the hatchery. The average October rainfall is 9.47 inches.

The year's total rainfall for Naselle through the end of October was 83.06 inches, ahead of the 10-month average of 76.52 inches.

In a month of weather opposites, there were 10 days with no rainfall and several days, late in the month, where the temperatures were downright balmy. A high of 80 was recorded on Oct. 22, and there were three more days late in the month when the temperature was in the 70s, with a high of 79 on Oct. 27. In contrast, the first below freezing temperature of the fall was recorded on the early morning of Oct. 31 when the mercury dipped to a low of 26 degrees.

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