SOUTH BEND — A Raymond man who led law enforcement on a chase in August will serve about two years in prison.

On Sept. 20, Tegan L. Tipler, 38, was sentenced to 22 months in prison for attempting to elude a police officer.

On Aug. 21, Pacific County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jesse Eastham noticed Tipler riding a non-street-legal motorcycle on Monohon Landing Road. Tipler was allegedly driving above the speed limit, and not wearing a helmet.

Eastham pursued Tipler, who eventually collided with a log. Tipler fled on foot to a nearby logging road.

Eastham and Sgt. Arlie Boggs of the Raymond Police Department searched for Tipler but didn’t find him immediately. A few hours later, Eastham found Tipler hiding in a large blackberry bush.

The motorcycle Tipler was driving was stolen from Pierce County. He was arrested for a community custody violation, eluding a police vehicle and possessing a stolen vehicle. At the time of his arrest, Tipler had an outstanding Department of Corrections arrest warrant.

Tipler will serve an additional 20 months in prison for failing to comply with his DOC supervision, said Pacific County Prosecutor Mark McClain.

During his sentence, Tipler won’t receive probation and will only receive drug treatment if he requests it, McClain said.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Tipler will not receive probation, however, as the Legislature removed supervision for this offense,” McClain said. “This is really a disappointing aspect of these cases as supervision and structure are certainly what Mr. Tipler needs.”

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