Thanking Their Lucky StarsOrdinarily reasonable people sometimes lose it in hope of catching a big salmon.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ingvald Ronning of Auburn, Wn., were both well and happy Wednesday but tired and sunburned upon being picked up 50 miles off the Columbia bar in their 14-foot pleasure craft after drifting three days and three nights.

"The Ronnings motored to Ilwaco port Sunday, launched their boat which carried two outboards, and headed for the open seas not intending to go as far as they did. The weather was some overcast when they started to fish in the company of other fish boats.

"Finally, the Ronnings decided to come in but read their compass wrong which headed them straight out to sea. After some time, one engine tank went dry and about this time they realized their course was anything but right and nightfall was coming on; they used a part of the other tank but soon came to a conclusion that they should save part of the gasoline supply in case it became necessary to run for a passing vessel.

"Monday morning, after a night at sea, they spotted three large ships and made a run for one of them, but failure was their lot. The gas tank went dry on their try for a second ship. And there they drifted, not a plane or a ship in sight.

"Another night went by, food and water holding good owing to Mrs. Ronning's thoughtfulness of putting up a big lunch for which she had always been kidded by her husband.

"Tuesday morning they heard over their radio that a search was being made for them, and this brought encouragement to the drifters. Mr. Ronning was not upset by it all. Mr. Ronning stated after getting back to shore that his faith was to hold good until Wednesday, and if not rescued by that time, his hopes were to wane ...

"Then on Wednesday morning the Ronnings were sighted by Art Anderson, skipper of the drag boat Washington of Astoria, and within a short time they were taken aboard. The 14-foot boat was towed by the Washington until a rendezvous was made with a 40-footer [rescue boat] from Point Adams Coast Guard station; the 40-footer took the small vessel in tow and brought her on into Ilwaco.

"Search was started for the Ronnings after they failed to return to their home in Auburn Sunday night; and as the search got underway, State Trooper Elmer Roloff came upon their car and boat trailer in Ilwaco port car parking area.

"Ronning stated he plans to again go fishing after a rest."

- July 30, 1965

The article did not say if his wife planned to go with him.

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