'Red Riding Hood' brings all grades together at Naselle school

<I>MARILYN STRANGE photos<BR></I>Baby Hood was played by Mary Wirkkala, Red Riding Hood by Mary Frank. In back are Robin Hood played by Calen Thompson and Brother Hood played by Rob Baker.

NASELLE - Fifty-six students in grades K-12 participated in the performance of "Red Riding Hood" on Oct. 3 and Oct. 4 at Naselle-Grays River School. The Missoula Children's Theatre brought the event to the area and participation required four and a half days of intense training for the cast to learn their parts.

Cast members included: Mary Frank as Red Riding Hood, Kaelee Dearmore as Sister Hood, Rob Baker as Brother Hood, Mary Wirkkala as Baby Hood, Calen Thompson as Robin Hood, Ollie Baker as the Locksmith, Nathan Carlson as the Woodsman, Keenan Dean as the Boy who cries Wolf, and Trevin Leeland as the Little Loveable Wolf.

Other local performers were, Kylie Legler, Samantha Bauer, Sara Maki as the Girl Friends; Alexa York, Tasha Stenvall, Alana Darcher as The Three Little Pigs; the Wolfgang consisting of Austin Smith, River Andring, Katie Green, Demi Edgell, Dustin Eaton, Larry Johnson, Makenzie Matthews, Josiah Webster, Robert Eaton; the Forest Shadows - Talyssa Nordberg, Janie Kimbell, Keely McGuire, Susan Johnson, Ciara Sandell, Amber Wirkkala, Haleigh See, Alex Lopez, Alexandra Webster, Briannan Olson, Taylor Wasmundt, Olivia Bonney, Baylee Clark, Nicole Tarabochia; the Raccoons - Emily Gjovik, Abbie Eaton, Sam Webster, Sean Roberts, Paige Torppa, Kendra Leeland, Madison Green, Hannah Webster, Kayti Nelson, Allyn Bauer, Olivia Zimmerman, Katie Olsen, Breanna Smith, Jake Clark, Kleo Edgell, Morgan Weston, and Devin Roberts. Assistant directors were Jacob Revis and Nathaniel Finch; lighting by James Bauer; accompanist Karen Nelson; Big Bad Wolf Joshuah Laird; Mother Hood, Ranger Rooney, Grandma - Jill Franklin.

Special thanks to Comet Booster Club, Naselle-Grays River Valley School District, and Mike and Barbara Swanson.

The Missoula Children's Theatre was founded in 1970 by Jim Caron who serves as executive director. He and music director Michael McGill created the six original musicals that are currently touring with the 27 teams of actor/directors.

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