The Willapa Bay, WRIA #24, Lead Entity is requesting proposals from qualified sponsors for the Salmon Recovery Funding Board's 8th round grant cycle. Implementation by sponsors of high priority projects is a necessity and must follow the guide lines set forth in the Willapa Bay WRIA #24, Strategic Plan for Salmon Recovery. All applications received by the Lead Entity will be reviewed and prioritized on a local level. Local review groups include a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), a Citizens Committee that is done by the Willapa Bay Water Resources Coordinating Council (WBWRCC) and the Pacific County Commissioners. The TAG provides technical recommendations of each project to the WBWRCC. The WBWRCC reviews information provided by the TAG, incorporates local community issues that are compiled to establish a locally prioritized project list that is provided to the Pacific County Commissioners. The Pacific County Commissioners provide final project list approval prior to being forwarded to SRFB for funding consideration.

Habitat Database Forms Pre proposals will be due to your local Lead Entity on Monday June 1, 2009 and full applications will be due on Monday June 29, 2009. To obtain a up-dated copy of the Willapa Bay WRIA #24, Strategic Plan for Salmon Recovery, application materials, 10th round grant timelines or any other information regarding this grant cycle, please contact Mike Johnson at (360) 875-9424 or via email at All application materials shall be post marked by the grant time lines and sent to P.O. Box 336, South Bend WA, 98586.

All Habitat Database Forms / pre proposals must be submitted to the Lead Entity by June 1, 2009 and full applications must be received by June 29, 2009.

Published April 29, May 6 and May 13, 2009

Legal No. 137-09

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