NASELLE - The regular monthly meeting of the Naselle-Grays River Valley School Board of Directors was held on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

The board, Sen. Sid Snyder and Rep. Mark Doumit recognized each teacher in the public school for the students' outstanding WASL scores. Snyder said he brags to his colleagues in Olympia about Naselle. He thanked the faculty for their contribution in education.

Chairman Bill Coop presented Snyder with a plaque stating: "In appreciation for your support and service to the Naselle-Grays River Valley School District, students and community members."


Greenhouse: Three students made presentations to the board. Jackie Stanley presented a PowerPoint presentation regarding the vocational program. She said they are learning about plants, animals and living organisms. They also participate in leadership activities and learn about people, places and jobs. She added they also do activities with grades 1 through 5.

Maros Borak talked about working with the younger students in horticulture class.

Dan White thanked Kelly Creek Nursery, Randy Tienhaara and Matt Allen for helping the class construct the greenhouse. He said the horticulture class helped pull the plastic over the frame.

After the presentations, the board toured the greenhouse.

First and second grade team teaching: Megan Tienhaara, first- grade teacher, and Berniece Helton, second-grade teacher, gave an overview of how they team-teach the first and second grade. Tienhaara teaches math and science while Helton teaches reading and writing. They said the parents have been very supportive and the students enjoy changing classes.

Developmental Asset Survey: Counselor Justin Laine distributed to the board information regarding a developmental asset survey.

Community input

The physical education program: A group of parents voiced their concerns about the physical education curriculum and grading practices, especially at the middle school and high school level. The board asked that the physical education curriculum be placed on the next board agenda.

Personnel action

Wayne Bushnell was hired as middle school boys' basketball coach.

Unfinished business

The taping of board meetings was revisited. Board member Deanna Gjovik moved to table taping of board meetings until the board receives information regarding the cost of the equipment. Board member Bob Torppa seconded the motion. The motion carried with member Steve Gacke voting against the motion. He said there was a motion made at the last board meeting that should have been voted on. Gacke also said he was recording the meeting in accordance to the open public meeting laws.

There was a discussion regarding whether the motion at the last meeting was withdrawn. Board members said they wanted to make sure they follow correct parliamentary procedures. Superintendent Gerald Schmidtke said according to the minutes, Gacke had withdrawn his motion.

On Policy 1400, dealing with meeting location: Schmidtke said he had talked with WSSDA and the meeting location can be changed so he recommended the board approve the policy. The board approved the second reading of Policy 1400.

AIDS curriculum: Principal Steve Quick distributed a copy of the process used to select the AIDS curriculum. He said the information was available during open house. After the curriculum is approved, the district will have a parent meeting with Lori Ashley, the school nurse and instructor.

Gacke said he is reluctant to adopt the curriculum until the community has an opportunity for input. He requested the adoption be tabled until the district advertises in the local paper and allows the community to give input. Gacke moved, seconded by member Mark Badger to table the AIDS curriculum until the December board meeting. The motion carried.

Renewal of the superintendent's contract: Torppa moved, seconded by Gjovik to approve the renewal of the superintendent's contract effective July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2004. A discussion took place between the board members as to whether the superintendent's evaluation had been completed before renewal was considered. Following this discussion, the board decided to complete the superintendent's evaluation in December.

Appoint Wahkiakum Community Network Representative: The board appointed Jann Bailey as the candidate for appointment to the Wahkiakum Community Network Board as the district representative.

Business report

Schmidtke reported the estimated ending cash balance at $80,417 with enrollment at 312.96 with 2.07 Running Start students and Naselle Youth Camp enrollment at 133. He reported the cash flow is down because of the enrollment at the camp. He said the state would be giving the district the advance requested.

Facilities: Schmidtke reported that a 12-inch louver was installed in the kindergarten classroom, and it is not working. He said a group went to North Thurston and learned about the air quality problems they have had and how they solved them. Schmidtke has a list of people they used and has distributed a survey to all staff. The facilities committee will meet on Wednesday at 6:30.

A representative from the health department will be at the district on Dec. 10 to review the building. Mr. Schmidtke said he would probably be in the district several times, providing free service. He said some of the board members who attended the WSSDA Conference listened to a presentation regarding air quality. He said there is no easy fix to the problem because everyone has a different problem.

Superintendent's report

Schmidtke said the DNR girls from the youth camp would like to come and chop the wood that was cut at the west end of the facility. The board asked Schmidtke to call the ESD Risk Management and make sure the district will not be liable. It was suggested they come during Christmas break or after school hours.

Reports by individual board members on the WSSDA conference: Coop said everyone he talked to was envious of the Naselle-Grays River Valley School District. He said he was impressed with the workshops and the drug dog example.

Torppa said he received many compliments about the district, from good WASL scores, behavior, the bus fleet, the overall appearance of the facility, to how the board meetings are held. He said he attended the air quality workshop along with others and there were great speakers. He commented on the students who sang.

Gjovik said it was a great experience and she also had heard many good comments about the district.

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