NASELLE - The problem appears to be fairly simple. You may have the desire or need to make some money while working at a part-time job. The school district needs to hire more bus drivers. Solution: Put those two needs together and both problem will be solved.

The very real problem is that the Naselle-Grays River Valley School District needs more bus drivers. With retirements and impending retirement of current drivers, and a growing need to drive more activity buses as well as regular bus runs, the school district is becoming increasingly more hard-pressed to meet its driving needs.

Eddie Engelson, transportation director for the school district, said, "We seem to have a driver shortage, and it is going to get worse as some of our regular drivers are planning to retire. Taking a bus driving job is as much a community service as it is a job. The good things about it, for a part-time job, is that the hours are flexible and it is also a chance to earn some extra money."

The pay, especially for a part-time job in this area, is quite high. The beginning pay, for the first 90 days worked, is $12.53 per hour. After the break-in period, the pay goes to $13.95 an hour. According to Engelson, regular drivers work a minimum of two and a half hours daily with morning and afternoon bus runs. Some of the regular bus runs involve more than the minimum daily hours.

The requirements to meet the qualifications to become a bus driver and a job description can be provided by Engelson. He can be reached at the school bus shop, 484-3484, or evenings at home, 484-3320.

Why not give Ed a call?

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