School foundation wrapping up '02 campaign

ILWACO - The Ocean Beach Education Foundation this week announced the successful completion of the past year's Ilwaco Alumni Donor Campaign. Organizers are celebrating a total of almost $125,000 in money donated and pledged.

Karen Keiski Kaino, treasurer of the OBEF and a member of the Alumni Donor Campaign committee, reported "We still are receiving donations from alumni responding to a mailing done in July, but for organizational purposes the steering committee has ended their work."

The Alumni Donor Campaign was patterned after similar projects taking place right now all over the country. Large and small communities are seeking alumni resources for support of their public schools. As state and federal assistance becomes less and less adequate, public groups are creating growth funds that will provide a stable source of funding for generations to come.

The Ilwaco Alumni Donor Campaign steering committee is a prime example of grassroots volunteerism to enhance one's community and the quality of life therein. In June 2001, a group of 13 Ilwaco High School alumni began working together to locate other alumni and create a database. Now that the campaign is over, it is hoped that a byproduct of their work might result in increased membership in the existing Ilwaco High School Alumni Association, and annual or semi-annual publication of an alumni newsletter.

Peninsula residents who served on the committee include: Martha Turner Murfin (1935), Dobby Wiegardt (1948), David Aase (1953), Nancey Kary Olson (1958), Darlene Frazier Biggs (1959), Ann Holway Driscoll (1959), Fred Cook (1960), Lorna Andersen Follis (1960), Frank Glenn, III (1961), Penny Bunce Treat (1964), Mary Bussone Luethe (1968), Karen Burton Harrell (1971), Karen Keiski Kaino (1972), and serving as honorary chair, and an inspiration to the whole campaign, was Class of 1922 graduate Lolita Tinker Morris.

Anyone still wishing to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Alumni Donor Campaign may do so by sending a donation to the Ocean Beach Education Foundation (OBEF), P.O. Box 372, Ilwaco, WA 98624. Make checks payable to OBEF.

Star of the Sea School bus stop relocated

LONG BEACH - Citing upcoming construction projects impacting the P.U.D. storage site at Highway 101 and Sandridge Road, the Sunset Empire Transportation District will no longer stop there to pick up or discharge students riding the bus to and from Start of the Sea School in Astoria. Instead, until further notice, the bus will use the parking lot on the north side of Sid's Market in Seaview. The other stops on the route are not affected.

School Lunch Menus: Oct. 9-16

Naselle-Grays River Valley

Wednesday, OCT. 9

Breakfast - Bagel with cream cheese, or hot or cold cereal with graham crackers, milk, juice

Lunch - Pizza or hamburger or chicken burger, trail mix, cinnamon apples, milk, 5-star salad bar

Thursday, OCT. 10

Breakfast - Breakfast sandwich or bagel with cream cheese or hot or cold cereal with graham crackers, milk, juice

Lunch - Chili with cornbread or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, green beans, Lil' Debbie treat, milk, 5-star salad bar

friday, OCT. 11

In-Service Day - No School

Monday, OCT. 14

Breakfast - Pancake on a stick, or hot or cold cereal, or bagel with cream cheese, milk, juice

Lunch - Golden corn dog or chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy, milk, 5-star salad bar

Tuesday, oct. 15

Breakfast - Monte Cristo or hot or cold cereal, or bagel with cream cheese, milk, juice

Lunch - Burrito or chicken burger, mexi-fries, fruity jello, milk, 5-star salad bar

Wednesday, oct. 16

Breakfast - Bagel with cream cheese, or hot or cold cereal with graham crackers, milk, juice

Lunch - Perfect pizza, sweet peaches, icie juicie, milk, 5-star salad bar

Ocean Beach School District


Breakfast - Muffin, fruit, milk

Lunch - Taco salad, pineapple, cinnamon roll, milk

Thursday, Oct. 10

Breakfast - Sausage on a stick, juice, milk

Lunch - Sandwich, chicken noodle soup, peaches, juice, milk

Friday, Oct. 11

In-service day - No school

Monday, oct. 14

Breakfast - Cereal, teddy graham, juice, milk

Lunch - Lasagna, green salad, pineapple, french bread, chocolate milk

Tuesday, Oct. 15

Breakfast - Sausage and cheese muffin, juice, milk

Lunch - Corn Dog, french fries, jello, banana, milk

WEDNESDAY, oct. 16

Breakfast - Muffin, fruit, milk

Lunch - Crispy chicken salad, applesauce, hot roll, milk

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