SEAVIEW - Marty Jones, 45, of 35th Lane in Seaview was arrested Monday following a feverish two-day preliminary investigation into the attempted murder and first-degree assault of Trooper Scott Johnson.

Search warrants were being sought Monday afternoon in an attempt to obtain important evidence, according to the WSP. Finally, at about 11 p.m. Monday, neighbors reported hearing a voice on a loud speaker announce to anyone inside the Jones home that a search warrant had been obtained and they were coming in.

The firearm used in the attack would be one key piece of evidence. Authorities have not said whether it has been found, though the presence of many law enforcement personnel in the downtown core of Long Beach and Seaview Tuesday would appear to indicate that the search continues.

A number of heavily armed state troopers were stationed outside Jones' house Monday at noon, not allowing the press to approach and saying that they expected the arrival of a large evidence-gathering vehicle.

Jones' arrest followed a manhunt of epic proportions in Long Beach and nearby areas, after someone shot Johnson in the back of the head early Saturday morning. One witness who lives in downtown Long Beach commented that in the hours after the crime she saw more law enforcement vehicles arrive at the scene than she had previously known existed in all of Western Washington.

Investigators are still seeking tips from the public regarding associates, vehicles, firearms, and structures associated with Jones. If you have information, call 800-283-7808 or outside Washington State 360-405-6650.

Earlier Monday, WSP Chief John R. Batiste said "We are not focused solely on this person. While we believe this person is certainly worth a deeper look, we are continuing the broader investigation. We have talked to many people so far, and we will continue to contact individuals who might have information about Saturday's shooting."

Jones and his wife, Susan, bought their home in Seaview in 2004 for $298,000, according to Pacific County records. Their property taxes are paid up through the current year. Neither Jones has appeared in court or jail booking records published in the Chinook Observer until this incident. An officer told a witness that Jones has a record clear of previous criminal charges.

Little information has emerged that would indicate Marty and Susan Jones were anything other than a quiet and law-abiding couple making ends meet at the beach.

Neighbors, who preferred not to be named for now, describe the Jones as "really nice people," "always really polite," and "always been a gentleman and his wife is very nice." They are always neatly dressed and are said to attend an area church.

But there are some faint hints that Marty Jones may have a volatile temper, with reports of a furious reaction to loose dogs in the neighborhood.

Neighbors believe that Marty Jones worked as a bail bondsman in the Tri-cities area of southeast Washington immediately before the couple moved to Pacific County. Since then, neighbors have observed "The guy couldn't keep a job." Both man and wife were often away from home during the week, and in past years Marty Jones sometimes worked as a bus driver in a Portland suburb.

Neighbors who saw Jones Saturday after an initial police interview at his home in Seaview described him as having been drinking, though he was very contrite about bringing any disturbance to the neighborhood in the form of a state patrol SWAT unit.

Clues to the exact circumstances that might have led up to the attack on Johnson are still emerging, and are too uncertain to report at this time. It is important to remember that Jones is innocent until proven otherwise in court.

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