Let's try something - a quick reference guide for various "common" scenarios. I use quotes because none of these seem common when you're in them, but they are situations we deal with on a continual basis.

Family Caregivers (see last column). A family member is providing assistance for someone at or near full-time. Services range from providing respite so the caregiver can take a break, to helping with counseling, support and/or practical needs for kids being raised by relatives other than their parents. Contact our Family Caregiver Support coordinator, Polly McCallister at (800) 801-0060 or (360) 538-2458; or call us for an internal referral to her. We can help the process.

Case Management for Medicaid In-Home Care You or someone you know is facing living in a facility because they can no longer care for themselves at home, and the individual needing services may be eligible for Medicaid assistance. In North Pacific County, call Home and Community Services, at (800) 487-0119. In South Pacific County, call (800) 605-7322. In either instance, explain your needs and ask for an assessment to see if you're eligible. And, as a follow-up, if this doesn't quite fit for you, call us and we can look at other options.

General Information and Assistance Almost everything else that has to do with aging issues. Sometimes it's a matter of connecting the dots. We can help with defining the problem, finding a resource to meet the need, and assisting with coordination of services; for example, energy assistance, transportation, legal services, and so on. Sometimes it's a matter of "What's the phone number for..." And sometimes, it's "I really don't need anything right now, but what's available for help?" And this could cover information about alternate living situations (assisted livings, adult family homes, convalescent centers, etc.), how to hire in-home help, whatever. Call any of our offices for help and/or information.

I see this is getting longer than I anticipated - especially for a quick reference guide. We'll pick up more next time.

Senior Information & AssistanceLong Beach: 642-3634 or (888) 571-6558

Raymond: 942-2177 or (888) 571-6557

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