KLIPSAN - On Feb. 18, the Peninsula Senior Activity Center celebrated President's Day with an ice cream social. Two guest speakers from the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program in Aberdeen attended. RSVP is a federally funded program that recruits volunteers 55 and over and places them in nonprofit worksites in their community based on the volunteer's skills and interests.

Rebekka Madanifard, outreach staff, spoke about the importance of volunteers in the community and how people can even volunteer from home by crocheting, knitting, or quilting blankets, sweaters or scarves, for other seniors or hospitals. She also briefly discussed why recording your volunteer hours is so important. Volunteer hours are recorded and compiled by volunteers, volunteer worksites and by the county. Volunteer hours are then sent to the Corporation for National Service and to our local legislatures in Olympia to show senior commitment, activity and importance to the community.

Janet Mylius, the program coordinator for the RSVP Program, spoke about a disaster kit project the senior center could undertake. The kits, packaged in a simple backpack, are intended to sustain a senior for up to three days after a disaster and include candles, matches, water, shampoo, toothpaste, medicine pill boxes, emergency contact information cards, toilet paper and other essentials.

For more information concerning the Retired Senior Volunteer Program or how to assemble a disaster kit, please contact Rebekka or Janet at 360-532-4900 or 800-828-4883 ext. 235 or 224.

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