ILWACO - The following cases were scheduled in the SOUTH PACIFIC DISTRICT COURT for actions shown.

May 18, 2004Arraignment - DUI, George F. Anderson; DFTA, B/W $1,500.

Sentencing - DWLS 3rd-degree, Ryan M. Barbeau; DFTA, B/W $500.

Arraignment - DWLS 3rd-degree, William P. Boggs; DFTA, B/W $500.

Sentencing - DWLS 3rd-degree, Shirley May Burns; DFTA, B/W $500.

Arraignment - DWLS 3rd-degree, Miguel Escalante Mendoza; pd appt., PT 6/30, JT 7/28.

Arraignment - DUI, Arnold Ernest Eslinger; pd appt., PT 6/16, JT 7/14, held on $7,500 bail.

Sentencing - DWLS 3rd-degree, David Charles Foley; DFTA, B/W $500.

Arraignment - DUI, Thomas D. Funderburgh; NOA filed, PT 6/28, JT 7/26.

Sentencing - DWLS 3rd-degree, Trever J. Haman; red. to NVOL, 90/90, $100.

Arraignment - DUI, Jeffrey Aaron Henderson; pd appt., PT 6/30, JT 7/28.

Arraignment - DWLS 3rd-degree, Tammy M. Hollis; DFTA, B/W $750.

Sentencing - DWLS 3rd-degree, Renee I. Kappel; guilty, 90/90, $500.

Arraignment - DUI, Nickolas Allen Kirschbaum; pd appt., PT 6/23, JT 7/21.

Other hearing - DWLS 3rd-degree, operating vehicle without ignition interlock, Heather Ann Koski; guilty, $750 total.

Arraignment - DWLS 2nd-degree, William George Lampman; DFTA, B/W $1,500.

Arraignment - Providing false information regarding fish/wildlife, Burlin D. Phillips; bail forfeiture, $350.

Arraignment - Reckless endangerment, NVOL w/out ID, minor intoxicated in public place, Timothy Sanchez III; DFTA.

Arraignment - DWLS 3rd-degree, Richard G. Snyder; DFTA, B/W $500.

Arraignment - DUI, Michael Wayne Wilson; DFTA, B/W $1,500.

May 19, 2004Sentencing - DWLS 3rd-degree, Matthew Adam Cove; DFTA, B/W $500.

Show cause - Possession of marijuana, Alysa Nicole Hamman; cont. to 5/26.

Probation hearing - DUI, Sandra Marie Jones; DFTA, B/W $1,000.

Probation hearing - DWLS 3rd-degree, negligent driving 1st-degree, Joshua Chance King; DFTA, B/W $750.

Probation hearing - Negligent driving 1st-degree, Gregor Lee Kyritz; cont. to 5/26.

Other hearing - DWLS 3rd-degree, Robert C. Porter; guilty, 90/90, $850.

Arraignment - DUI, DWLS 3rd-degree, George A. Atcher; pd appt., PT 6/23, JT 7/21.

Arraignment - DWLS 3rd-degree, David Foley; cont. sentencing to 6/22.

Review hearing - DWLS 3rd-degree, Peter Michael Sommerness Jr.; cont. 1 week.

Review hearing - Certain practices prohibited, William R. Staudt; in compliance, dismiss.

Other hearing - DUI, operating vehicle without ignition interlock, Sharon L. Westlund; in compliance.

Probation hearing - Assault 4th-degree, Kristopher Lee Woodruff; DFTA, B/W $1,000.

In custody - Assault 4th-degree, Michael D. Andring; cont. to 5/21.

Other hearing - Criminal trespass 2nd-degree, Bruce Michael Hazen; dismissed.

Sentencing - Two counts of DWLS 3rd-degree, Justin Clayton Holder; cont. 1 week.

Sentencing - DWLS 1st-degree, DUI, Richard Jay Larkin Jr.; pd appt., PT 6/2, JT 6/30.

In custody - DWLS 3rd-degree, Loren Alan Mansell; def. to serve 34 days for failure to pay fine.

In custody - DUI, Rudolph Cogdill; pd appt., bail remains at $1,000, PT 6/16, JT 7/07.

In custody - Domestic violence fourth-degree assault, interfering with reporting a domestic violence incident, Michael H. Smith; bail set at $5,000, PT 6/02, JT 6/30.

In custody - Three counts of DWLS 3rd-degree, Loren Alan Mansell; bail set at $1,000 each, PT 6/23, JT 7/21.

In custody - DWLS 3rd-degree, Jimmy L. McCracken; guilty, 90/88, $850.

Review hearing - Two DUIs, Jess Michael Nash; review 1 week.

Deferred prosecution hearing - DUI, DWLS 3rd-degree, Delbert Joseph Plumb; hearing stricken, PT 6/23, JT 7/22.

Motion hearing - DUI, Pamela Kay Spencer; dismissed.

Abbreviation Key00/00 days sentenced/days suspended

B/W Bench warrant

DF Deferred finding

DP Deferred prosecution

DS Deferred sentence

DUI Driving under influence

DWLS Driving while license suspended

DFTA Defendant failure to appear

JT Jury trial

MIP Minor in possession

NCO No Contact Order

NOA Notice of appearance

NJT Non-jury trial

NSV No similar violations

NVOL No valid operators license

PD Public defender

PT Pre-trial

SOC Stipulated order of continuance

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