Over this past week, we have received a great selection of new dogs for adoption. We have dogs of all sizes and varieties.

   "Abby" is a very nice four-year-old lab/shepherd mix. Other larger dogs available are "Duke," also a handsome lab/shepherd mix, and "Roxy," a bright Aussie mix. "Rusty" is an athletic lab mix that loves to swim.

   Our smaller newcomers include "Bernie," a two-year-old doxie; "Alvin" a cute little Chihuahua and "Roscoe" a one-year-old terrier mix. "Alvin" came to us from another shelter and he arrived with a cast on his front leg! Apparently, he came into the other shelter as a stray, and the reason for the cast was a mystery. By the time this column is published, however, the mystery will be unraveled because we will have taken him to the veterinarian for a check-up. Other than the cast, he seems very healthy and active, and very much wants a home of his own.

   Bring the family and come and see the wonderful new kids on the block!


Is it true that Manx are cat/rabbit crosses?Manx cats, in addition to being tailless, have compact bodies and their back legs are longer than their front legs. They sometimes have a slightly "hopping" gait, and this overall "bunny-like" appearance has sometimes led to the theory that they are a cat-rabbit cross. While amusing to think about, this is of course a biological impossibility.

   What Manx cats are is one of the most interesting and unusual of all the breeds. "Kiki" is true to the Manx breed for she is lively, playful, and very affectionate. She has a beautiful petite body and a short plush, easy-care coat. She lost her home when her human passed away, and at a young two years old, this delightful little cat is just ready to enrich the home and heart of her new person.

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