Poor, sweet, goofy, three-legged Lucky will have been at the shelter for over 100 days by the time this column is published. Kind of reminds you of the old "Lucky" dog joke, doesn't it? You know the one where there is a poster on the side of a telephone pole for a missing dog - a one-eyed, three-legged, deaf dog that has a hernia, and answers to the name "Lucky." It is an old joke, but the longer this young lab mix stays in a cage, the more this joke comes to mind. The only "lucky" part of the story for him is that he is at our no-kill shelter, and although his time is running on, it will not run out.

Lucky lost his leg in a fall from a truck, but doesn't let his "tripod" stance slow him down - he is a real trooper, and loves to go for walks. He wouldn't be a good companion for a jogger, but is a wonderful friend on shorter walks. He probably would enjoy the company of another non-aggressive dog, but would be happy being an "only" dog as well.

There has to be room in someone's heart for this wonderful but "imperfect" dog that tries so hard to please. Adopting a "special needs" pet can be very rewarding. Please come and meet Lucky - you might just be the one to turn his luck around.

Sterling is also a "long-timer"This young, very handsome pewter-colored cat was with us only a short while when he came down with a horrible "kitty cold." The virus caused damage to his eyes, and one of our dedicated volunteers took him home and spent weeks treating him back to health. His eyes now look great - only a hint of cloudiness, and he sees so well he can fling a toy up in the air and catch it before it falls to the ground!

The volunteer who took him home fell in love with his wonderfully easy-going and friendly nature. He gets along very well with other cats, likes dogs, is incredibly affectionate, and is immaculate with his scratch box manners.

Unfortunately, the volunteer is on "kitty overload" at her house, and Sterling needs to find a forever home. If you are looking for an especially nice, big, "mush ball" kitty, Sterling would just fit the bill!

Shelter Wish ListWe would be very grateful to receive canned dog food - we love to spoil the dogs with a little canned food on their kibbles, and we are almost out! Thank you very much for your support.

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