South Pacific County Humane Society Pet Report: 11.7.07


Harry - 123 days and countingReaders might remember Harry - he was our featured dog in a column done several months ago.

This poor young dog is living his life in a shelter, all because of a "crime of passion." What is this horrible crime that has sentenced him to a caged life day after day? Harry's "crime" is that he loves people so much, that when people approach his cage, he "comes off like a nut dog," as one of our staffers laments. He wiggles, he barks, he whines, he jumps, and he wags, wags, and wags his tail when someone stops by his kennel.

What people often misinterpret as just an out-of-control dog is actually a dog that adores people so much, he practically turns himself inside out with sheer exuberance when he sees someone he hopes might pet him, play with him, or take him for a walk. And maybe, just maybe, take him home."

Harry would be a wonderful companion for another active, non-aggressive dog. A dog close to him in size and energy level - a dog that would appreciate his youthful enthusiasm and good nature.

What a shame that this young dog that adores people has lingered in a cage for more than four months. What a shame that no one has taken the time to get to know him to see the love and loyalty that is in his heart. How sad it is that he has been at the shelter so long. Over 123 days now, but hey, who's counting?? Harry is counting."

Callie is helping pick the winnersThis darling calico kitten is "Callie" just one of the wonderful shelter kittens awaiting adoption. Here she is seen helping us draw the winners of our annual raffle.

The lucky winner of the first prize was Kenny Jones of La Center, Katie Horton of Beaverton won second prize, Kay Drenth of Vancouver won third prize, and Angie Bradley of Ocean Park won the fourth prize.

We would like to thank everyone who supported this fundraiser, which raised over $2,500 much-needed dollars for the homeless animals in our community. We are also very grateful to the Breakers Long Beach, Depot Restaurant, Port Bistro, Inn at Harbour Village, Funland, Peninsula Golf, World Kite Museum, Lost Weekend Clothing Company, Anna Lena's, and Barbara Dunn for donating the wonderful raffle prizes.

Hooowlerween was a howling successOver Halloween time, several of our dedicated volunteers set up tables at the three local supermarkets, and were thrilled to receive donations to the shelter from generous shoppers. The animals got great gifts of food and treats, and the shelter received needed supplies and monetary donations. Thank to everyone for the hard work, and to our supporters for the generosity!

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