Hey, Jude! Take a sad song and make it better - Well, this guy is a three-year-old neutered yellow lab mix named "Jude." Like the song says, "Make it better" and we have for Jude. He was on his final days at another shelter and we were able to save this dear fellow. Just take a look at Jude's happy face and you know that this is a good dog. Like most dogs, big or little, Jude will thrive in a home where he will get plenty of exercise, training and love.

Jude will make a great dog for folks on the Peninsula because he is a lab mix and labs love water! I have only seen Jude at the shelter, but I can imagine him playing and having fun fetching a stick, ball or Frisbee at the beach, playing in the water and having tons of fun.

I know he will make you a great friend and companion. Why, he will even join you on vacation and fishing trips or help you when you work in the garden. Come by the shelter today and see this fine dog. He really wants to be your new best friend!

Black Cat Special $10! - Many people stay away from black cats due to old wives' tales and Halloween superstitions. Black cats do not bring bad luck nor are they evil. They just have black fur.

Like people, it doesn't matter what color our skin is or what color of fur a cat has. It is what's inside that counts - a loving and kind heart. Unfortunately, the reality is that black cats end up staying the longest in shelters and they often end up suffering from abusive people around Halloween.

10 top reasons to adopt a black cat.

10. They don't need Halloween costumes.

9. They are easy to see in the snow.

8. Black cats have personality and lots of it.

7. Black cats go with any decorating scheme.

6. If you are attending a black-tie affair - a lint brush isn't required.

5. Luck is on your side when you love a black cat.

4. Black cats are like onyx - they are precious gems.

3. They don't care what color you are.

2. Love knows no color preference.

And the number one reason to adopt a black cat...

1. They are the least likely to be adopted.

It is true, both Sweet Pea and Felix have both been in the paper before, yet they are still looking, hoping and waiting for loving homes. Even after being here for close to a year, they haven't given up their dream of a home and someone to love them. If you are ready to adopt a cat, please consider giving one of our black cats a chance!

Volunteers Are Our Gold! - Do you volunteer at the animal shelter? We want to say thank you! Please come to our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at the shelter from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please R.S.V.P. to Linda at 665-2476 with which date works better for you, Wednesday, April 26 or Saturday, April 29.

Please help us help the animals - Donate those "still-good" items for the Annual Memorial Day Sale. We send out a special thank you to Coastal Massage Therapy for donating a second location for the sale! Drop donations off at the shelter 642-1180 or special Saturday drop-off 10 a.m. to noon - Call Linda 665-2476 to make arrangements. We take all clean and "gently used" items. We even take furniture and clean working appliances. One person, one donation truly makes a difference! Thank you so much!

Happy Adoption Tails! - Dog Tails: Snow, Mondo and Bandit! Cat Tails: Lovely and Sarabi!

Thought of the Day - Smokey says: Only YOU can prevent litters!

Shelter Wish List - Canned Dog Food, such as Alpo.

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