VANCOUVER, Wash., June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As summer approaches, and after months of being home with pets, some people and pets struggle to relax and adapt to changing routines. As people go back to work, some pets will suffer distress from being home alone.

Dr. Tripp's easy, self-help eCourse and Basic Plan are free for the month of June only for any pet lover with internet access.

Tripp wants pet parents to know how to help pets relax and become more enjoyable companions at home. When pets are anxious, they tend to bark too much, scratch or lick themselves too much, jump up on people, show fear or aggression, and even eliminate in the home.   

Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABC, a graduate of U.C. Davis, owned and operated the La Mirada Animal Hospital in Southern California for ten years before starting, online pet behavior education provided to pet parents and veterinary hospitals in 26 States, Canada, and worldwide. Dr. Tripp learned that pet parent education is more important than pet training, although both are needed.

Tripp's special interests are the emotional causes of scratching and licking disorders (psychodermatology), and pet separation distress.

Many families and pets have already benefited from Tripp's, affordable, online, self-help education. His pet happiness analysis teleconsultations are popular with pet parents wanting to learn more about their pets and needing extra help.   

Tripp's free eCourse is now available using the promo code, PetHap. Learn more and start easy access at No bank card information or charges are collected for the Free Pet Happiness Basics plan and eCourse, designed for people and pets to learn at their own pace.

Daniel Skibicki from Florida says, "Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for you or the plan that you developed for Nova. When brought home from the shelter, Nova was scared of everyone and everything. She would continuously bark and defecate around the house when left alone. Most pet behaviorists around Orlando were a minimum of $1700 for their basic packages. We discussed taking out a loan. Thanks to Dr. Tripp, Nova is now the dog we had hoped for. We are eternally grateful." is on a mission to help pets worldwide become happier members of a human family. The company motto is "Happy Pets, Happy Life!"

Press Contact:
Julie Bonn Blank

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