SPOKANE, Wash., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Gestalt Diagnostics will be debuting the newest version of PathFlow®, our award winning digital pathology solution during DPA's Pathology Visions Conference in Las Vegas, NV October 17-20, 2021.

"We are excited to be announcing the latest release of PathFlow," says Gestalt's COO & Chief Strategy Officer, Lisa-Jean Clifford. "The technology and its uses in digital pathology and AI for laboratories, research entities and academic institutions is advancing quickly. As their uses become more widespread, it is evident that we are only at the beginning of this very exciting time in healthcare. The desire for development and addition of new features and functionality that support the ever changing, innovative ways that digital workflows and solutions can positively impact diagnostics, education and research will continue for years to come."

PathFlow V4.0 now supports a fulling integrated exchange of data, images, and multiple file formats seamlessly between the workflows of our Professional, Education and Research modules. The debut of our new Education Module is a key part of this workflow and is able to support use in academic institutions and healthcare facilities alike for teaching, pathologist onboarding and training, credentialing and credentialing management. In addition, we are now supporting truly interactive, real-time collaboration both within an organization and with peers, students and organizations outside of yours.

Gestalt Diagnostics has proven digital expertise. Our PathFlow solution is a single, streamlined platform supporting modules for Professional use by the pathologist in laboratories, for Educational use in academic settings and healthcare organizations, and for Research projects supporting a variety of uses to include collaboration with pharma and biobanking. 

Visit us at booth #301 during the Pathology Visions conference to learn more.

Gestalt's solution is geared toward laboratories of all sizes from the small independent facility to large integrated delivery networks. We include a universal digital viewer that allows images from different scanners to be read in a single viewer. We have coupled this with our philosophy of interoperability that enables true data exchange between different laboratory information management systems, EMR, EHRs, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and a variety of other laboratory applications simultaneously and transparently to the end user. Integrating AI directly into our workflow provides immediate access to diagnostic and computational aids for cancer to the pathologist. Whether you are working locally or globally – our platform provides the solid technical capabilities to bring your organization seamlessly and expeditiously into the digital age of healthcare.

SOURCE Gestalt Diagnostics


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