Summer Fun Nights bring Sea of Galilee to OP Lutheran Church

Curt Davis helps children bake bread during Ocean Park Lutheran Church's Summer Fun Night. The theme is Sea of Galilee and Kathleen Davis, co-director, says, "There's something fun for everyone and lots of good food."

OCEAN PARK - "There is something fun for everyone," Kathleen Davis said just before she and husband Curt began a lively round of singing at Ocean Park Lutheran Church's second annual Summer Fun Night celebration Wednesday.

"Our theme for this year is the Sea of Galilee and we center our activities around fishing as it was done during the time of Jesus," Kathleen explained. After the singing the group of about 50 people enjoyed a meal expertly prepared by ex-Portland chef, Mike Tompkins and his helpers, and was enjoyed family style, much as it would have been 2,000 years ago. The fare included Mediterranean hamburger, pita bread, a special sauce, and lettuce and tomato. Melons, macaroni salad, and fruit juices and coffee rounded out the gourmet meal.

Several of the Summer Fun Night goers wore traditional Biblical-style costumes. After dinner a skit was performed, and then the folks of all ages went to several small groups. Some made jewelry, others carved, a few created fish nets, and younger people put sails on wooden boats and floated them in a pond. Others discussed the topic of Jesus' healing and its significance in small groups, while some of the older children baked bread with Curt.

"We had to move the baking indoors because a big black bear seems to like to come by from time to time," Kathleen related. A couple of Sundays ago the bear ambled through the grounds just as worship service was beginning, catching the attention of the congregation.

Signaling the end of one event and the beginning of another was Shirley Brooks as she gave a hearty sounding of the shofar, an instrument fashioned from a ram's horn. Shirley said, "I have been playing the trumpet since I was about six, so that's how I got the job of playing the shofar." The shofar was used to communicate during battles in Biblical times, as the sound travels quite far.

There were no conflicts on this evening, however; just lots of food, fun and fellowship. The Summer Fun Night program continues at the OP Lutheran Church located at 240 and U Street south of Ocean Park for the next two Wednesdays beginning at 5:30 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend and there is something for people of all ages. For more information, call 665-6344 or email (

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