On Sunday, July 19, 1914, an automobile party of 31 people and seven packed machines made the trip from Ilwaco and Chinook to South Bend, via the Nahcotta to Nemah ferry.

The group from Ilwaco included Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Kerlee and son Edward, Mrs. M. E. Sprague, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McGowan, Miss Dubois, Mrs. F. G. DeGraff, and Dr. and Mrs. Paul, and son Russell. From Chinook were Mr. and Mrs. H. Creiger, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Donaldson, A. B. Mattson, F. A. Plum, Kelley, Sam Olsen, Clarence Olsen, Arthur Dalton and Richard Thompson. Also on the trip were Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Sinclair, William Stearns, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wise and Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Wise.

The party was met at Nemah by a delegation from South Bend, and then escorted to their city. At South Bend's Commercial Club, Mayor Charles A. Coulter delivered a welcoming address before everyone was taken to the Hotel Albee, where a sumptuous luncheon was served.

Two weeks later, on Sunday, Aug. 2, a South Bend-Raymond party of more than 20 adults and children, in five automobiles, returned the visit. Among their activities, the group went to North Head Lighthouses and the wireless station, and the U. S. weather bureau at Fort Canby. They also enjoyed their drive along the North Beach speedway (the beach). Mrs. L. L. Darling, South Bend, said that the trip was made with few problems except at the beach approaches where the sand was deep and loose. She added, without being specific, that the problem was easily rectified.

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