Ten years of 'Green Angels'

<I>Photo provided</I><BR>The annual Green Angel Awards honored four oustanding gardens on the Peninsula, including this one.

PENINSULA - July 30 marked the 10th annual Green Angel Awards for Gardening Excellence. There were 15 nominations, the most in one year since the awards began.

The 2007 winners of the Michele Easton Cortright Memorial - Green Angel Award for Gardening Excellence are:

Sandy Bradley - the Potato Lady

Marlene Iverson - turned a septic field into a lush beautiful garden

Aimee Manzi - propagator extraordinaire

Barbara and Dennis Glendon - eye candy for the soul in their garden

The award winners received a Garden Angel Sculpture. This year's angels were donated in part by Gardener Supply Company. Also given out were $50 checks to a local nursery from Green Angel Gardening. A beautifully framed award certificate was accompanied by the angel, the check and as a 10th year bonus, a $25 gift certificate to one of the following restaurants: T-Paul's Urban Café, The Port Bistro and the Beach House Café.

Some of the award nominations were accompanied by wonderfully written letters of support for the gardener and garden. These are always heartwarming to read and show the love, healing power and peace that our gardens provide all of us.

One of this year's winners was chosen for her dedication to the community at large in her efforts to help anyone wanting to plant potatoes. She offered to bring the potatoes and help the person prepare the soil and plant. Over 2,000 pounds of seed potatoes, that she bought, are now growing and will provide many of our community with a bounty of food and a real connection to the soil that sustains us.

The nominations were:

21611 "V" Lane, Ocean Park - Bill and Mel Grill

26915 Park Ave, Ocean Park - Shelly Hedges and Jeff McMahon

2904 Pioneer Rd, Long Beach - Lee and Melinda Crowley

401 Lake St., Ilwaco - Tom and Judy Hornbuckle

2605 Sea Crest Ave., Long Beach - Barbara and Dennis Glandon

38 Third St., Chinook - Marlene Iverson

42nd and L, NW corner Seaview (no name provided)

4112 N Place, Seaview (no name provided)

1309 - 270th Pl., Ocean Park, Cynthia Keyes

12912 N. Alley, Long Beach, Don and Laura Deemer

29405 H Street, Ocean Park, Caesar Crosta

13006 Sandridge Rd., Aimee Manzi

1914 N. Washington, Long Beach, Nancey Olson

200 11th St. N., Long Beach, Dorthy Kenrud

Sandy Bradley, Nahcotta

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