The Chinook Observer more than 100 years old. Founded in 1900 by shipwrecked sailors, the Observer has spent a century as the news source for the people of the Long Beach Peninsula.

The Observer is a paper that gets read cover to cover, with more than 80 percent of the peninsula residents saying they read us thoroughly every week.

We are a true community newspaper. Our reporters inform our readers each week on what is happening at the local, state and national level and how it will affect their lives.

We have also developed a vivid collection of writers painting pictures of not only our colorful history, but also the colorful characters that live here today.

With an economy based on natural resources and a long tradition of tourism, the Chinook Observer will continue a respected presence recognized statewide as covering the news that shapes this state.

1900 - The Chinook Observer is founded at Chinook, Wash., and is now the oldest continually operating weekly in Pacific County.

1938 - The news office moves to Long Beach, but the name remains the same.

1984 - Owners Wayne and Frances O'Neil sell the newspaper to Craig and Geri Dennis.

1988 - The East Oregonian Publishing Co. purchases the paper.

1991 - Matt Winters is appointed editor.

1998 - Winters is named publisher.

2000 - The Observer moves to new offices on Bolstad Avenue. The weekly expands its reach with the addition of content to its Web site,

2001 - The online edition of the Observer expands to offer subscribers access to newspaper pages online for downloading to home computers. Subscribers also gain access to the Observer's electronic archives of articles, photos and front pages.

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