With its 9,107 residents, the Peninsula had far more people in 2010 than any other census subdivision in Pacific County, as it also did in 2000. Raymond-South Bend and vicinity was second, at 7,892. The southern mainland of Pacific County from Chinook to Naselle and the border of Wahkiakum County totaled 2,320, up from 2,111 a decade ago, and the Willapa River Valley in the interior of north Pacific County totaled 1,601, down from 1,604 in 2000.

The Peninsula had a population density of 175 full-time residents per square mile in 2010, up from 169 in 2000. This compares to 26 per square mile in north county. 

Ocean Park is the Peninsula’s largest “census designated place.” By Census Bureau definition, it starts at about the beach neighborhood at 239th Place, angles northeast to 245th, and then takes in the whole width of the Peninsula north to Joe Johns Road — in essence, Ocean Park and Nahcotta. Its population was 1,573 in 2010, up 7.8 percent from 1,459 in 2000. Ocean Park has the Peninsula’s highest percentage of Hispanic people, 151, a 247 percent increase since 2000.

Long Beach recorded 1,392 residents in 2010, up from 1,283 in 2000, an increase of 8.5 percent. Long Beach had 107 Hispanic residents in 2010, a 73 percent increase in 10 years.

Ilwaco’s 2010 population was 936, a slight decline from the 950 counted in 2000. The town’s Hispanic population increased to 53 from 50.

Chinook’s population stood at 466 in 2010, up a little from 457 in 2000. The number of Hispanic people more than doubled, from nine to 21.

Naselle’s population total was 419, a healthy 11.1 percent gain since 2000. In comparison to two residents who identified themselves as Hispanic in 2000, 23 now do.

Bay Center’s population was 276 in 2010, up nearly 59 percent since 2000. It is unclear whether this reflects a change in census boundaries, or growth within pre-existing lines from development of bay-view residences.

South Bend had 1,637 residents last year, down 9.4 percent from 2000. The Hispanic population in the county seat nearly doubled from 167 in 2000 to 317.

Raymond remains the county’s largest incorporated town, with 2,882 people in 2010, down 3.1 percent since 2000 when there were 2,975 residents there, and also down a bit from two decades ago in 1990, when the population stood at 2,901.

Raymond also is the county’s most diverse town, with 466 Hispanics, 195 Asians, 72 American Indians, 27 African-Americans, 217 others who assert some other racial origin and 89 of mixed race. The number of Hispanic people in Raymond increased 59 percent between 2000 and 2010.

Tokeland, in north Pacific County at the northern tip of the mouth of Willapa Bay, had a population 151 in 2010, down from 194 in 2000. Despite the nearby Shoalwater Bay Indian Reservation, there were 10 American Indians in Tokeland in 2010, down from 11 in 2000.

Lebam, in the Willapa River Valley east of Raymond, had a population of 160 in 2010, down from  176 in 2000.

Willapa, a small community east of Raymond, was recorded as having 210 residents in 2010. It was not counted as a separate place in 2000.

Unincorporated places not formally recognized by the Census Bureau include some significant neighborhoods like Seaview, Klipsan Beach and Surfside on the Peninsula, and Baleville and Brooklyn in north county. People living in these places and in the countryside comprise more than half of the county’s population — 10,818 people, compared to the 10,102 in census-designated places.

Especially in the summertime, Surfside north of Ocean Park may well be the county’s largest town. Deducting the designated census places from just the Peninsula’s share of the county’s population shows that 5,206 Peninsula people lived outside Ocean Park, Long Beach and Ilwaco, which totaled 3,901 between them in April 2010.

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