Nov. 2, 1978 • "According to local Wildlife Agent Don Gatlin, poaching is on the upswing throughout Pacific County. Poaching is the taking of any kind of game animal contrary to rules and regulations. Gatlin said, 'It is typical that when meat prices go up, game violations go up.' "

Dec. 14, 1978 • "Long Beach Police chief Lynn Davis said sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning, Dec. 10 or 11, about 24 weapons were stolen from the Long Beach Dennis Company store at a loss of about $5,000 or $6,000. Davis said nothing else was reported stolen in what looked like a planned burglary."

Feb. 1, 1979 • "Mrs. Joan Mann of Seaview was appointed Monday as the new Ilwaco Timberland Library librarian. She began her duties Feb. 1 with in-service training at Timberland libraries in Ocean Park and Olympia."

May 10, 1979 • "Pacific County Commissioners learned last week that the proposed trade of U.S. Fish and Wildlife (FWS) timber for Weyerhaeuser Company land on Long Island has been approved by Lynn Greenwalt, Director of the Service. ... A 330-acre stand of old growth cedars on Weyerhaeuser land would be left untouched as a natural area."

June 21, 1979 • "A roomful of parents gave a clear 'no' response on Monday night to members of the Ocean Beach School District board of directors to a suggestion that all kindergarten and junior-primary classes at the Ocean Park School be moved to Hilltop Elementary School in Ilwaco in efforts to reduce bus runs and conserve fuel."

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