Nov. 6, 1975 - "Substitute House Bill 21. SHJB 332 ... sets minimum wage levels for most jobs through January 1, 1977, and requires most employers to pay workers 1.5 times their regular wage rate for work in excess of 40 hours per week. The new law schedules minimum wage levels from now until 1977 as follows: General employment: $2.10 on Sept. 1, 1975; $2.30 on Jan. 1, 1976. ... The new 'time and one half' over time pay law also exempts ... oyster industry workers."

May 20, 1976 - "Arthur M. Skolnik, executive director of the Washington state Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, sent word to those in the Oysterville community recently that their area had been selected ... for placement in the National Register of Historic Places. Being named ... makes historical buildings and other structures in Oysterville eligible for federal matching funds for their repair, maintenance and preservation up to levels which keep them in a state approaching their original style during the 19th century."

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