LONG BEACH - Tangible signs that Trendwest Resorts is arriving will soon be apparent as preparations for construction begin along Sid Snyder Drive.

The site was once the proposed location for a convention center, but the city was never able to attract sufficient investors for the plan. Trendwest Resorts then expressed an interest in developing the site.

In October 2005, with the positive recommendation of the planning commission, the city council approved the design review for the resort, opening up the way for the development to move forward.

Part of the condition for approval of the project includes improving the half-street along Shoreview Drive with a sidewalk, curb and gutter as well as a bike path. The developers will also have to provide landscaping as well as a trail to connect the property to areas such as the Dunes Trail and the Boardwalk. If the developers decide not to improve the street they will have to reimburse the city for the cost of the improvements.

"We're proud of the addition to the community," said Trendwest spokesperson Lisa Burby. She said the resort will bring additional tourists, and dollars, to the area that otherwise might not have visited. At this time, she does not know how many jobs the resort will create.

The resort will be the largest in the area. The site is just over four acres in size and the proposed building will sit on 1.5 acres. The zoning for the area permits a 75 percent building coverage for lots, so with a footprint of 27.5 percent it will be well below the allowable coverage.

There will be at least 82 units available ranging from studios to three bedrooms, and the developers are asking the city to approve the addition of two more high-end "penthouse style" units. Those units would not change the footprint of the building, but would be constructed over the guest reception area.

The plan also includes 124 parking spaces with some of those in an enclosed parking area. The number of spaces is more than required by the zoning for that site.

Although the building will be four stories high, the zoning in that area allows for 60-foot tall buildings. The plans call for the building to be 55-feet high. The two additional suites over the reception building would increase that section's height from 25 feet to 36 feet, still within the allowable zoning code.

According to the Trendwest Web site (www.trendwest.com) the company is "the developer, marketer and manager of WorldMark properties. The company purchases and develops vacation properties and transfers them debt-free to WorldMark, a nonprofit mutual benefit entity that owns, operates and maintains the resorts."

The company owns more than 50 condominium developments in areas such as Palm Springs, Hawaii, Fiji and Seaside, and has more than 200,000 members. Trendwest was started in 1989 and is based out of Redmond. According to Burby, the Long Beach resort should be completed some time in 2008.

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