SURFSIDE - The Surfside Homeowner's Assocation, is hosting a public tsunami workshop to be held July 11 at the Surfside Homeowner's Assn, 31402 H Street, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Surfside Homeowner's Association General Manager Ken Karch will present the Surfside neighborhood evacuation plan along with presentations from Tim Walsh, head of Washington State DNR Division of Geology and Earth Geologic Hazards Resources, George Crawford, earthquake program manager for Washington State Emergency Management Division, and Tyree Wilde, the warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service, Portland Office.

Tim Walsh is a licensed engineering geologist with 25 years experience and extensive involvement in tsunami hazard mapping for the Washington Coast. George Crawford is responsible for managing the seismic safety efforts in the state through the earthquake, tsunami, and volcano programs. He serves as the chair for the State/Local Tsunami Work Group which is developing the approaches for tsunami preparedness and mitigation efforts in tsunami hazard zones.

Brian Flanagan, Emergency Management Australia assistant director of Tsunami Warning Implementation will present information related to Australian tsunami preparedness program.

Questions to be asked and answered include what history have we based our current conclusions on? How high is high ground? Where does a tsunami warning come from? Why do you need a NOAA Weather Radio? What should you take when you evacuate?

In addition, if residents would like assistance programming their NOAA weather radios, they are welcome to bring the radio along with the appropriate batteries to the workshop and help will be provided. The evening will conclude with a question and answer session.

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