KLIPSAN BEACH — A Pacific County sheriff’s deputy ran into trouble Tuesday afternoon about 2 p.m. when he was assaulted by Justin B. Krahn, whose mental-health status was being evaluating by a counselor from Willapa Behavior Health.


Krahn became "assaultive and belligerent" after being told he was about to be taken into custody, Sheriff’s Department Public Information Office Pat Matlock said later Tuesday. The deputy attempted to “Taser” him but authorities believe one of the probes didn’t make contact, so no electroshock was delivered. The deputy placed the Taser on the ground and deployed pepper spray as the suspect charged him, but the spray didn’t incapacitate Krahn.


Krahn grabbed the Taser from the floor in the ensuing scuffle and ran back inside the house, a mobile home at 227th and “S” Street near Klipsan Beach, Matlock said. The Taser’s charge had been expended, but the deputy suffered an injury to one of his front teeth in the fight.


Officers from the sheriff’s office, Long Beach Police Department and Washington State Patrol responded to the scene with drawn weapons, and were concerned that Krahn might barricade himself inside. But after a telephone call and text message to him, he surrendered without any shots fired at about 2:30 p.m.


After evaluation by an emergency medical responder at the scene, he was placed under arrest and transported to Ocean Beach Hospital.


Matlock said it is expected Krahn will be charged with assault on a law officer, which is a felony, in addition to other probable charges.


A search warrant was obtained for the house, from which the stolen Taser was recovered.


Krahn was in the South County District Court Report last week for alleged hit and run of an attended vehicle, with a jury trial preliminarily set for June 20. Krahn is about 40 years old, having been born in 1973.

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