Veterans' Day is observed at Naselle schools

Naselle Superintendent Alan Bennett made Veterans' Day remarks.

NASELLE - Veterans' Day was observed with an all-school assembly at the Naselle-Grays River Valley Schools on Thursday, Nov. 10.

During that program, local area veterans were honored by the assembled students. The combined Naselle High School and Middle School band opened the program with the National Anthem. Student Body President Sarah Dotson welcomed the audience with a poem. Pastor Richard Cary addressed the audience.

Following Pastor Cary's address and the band's playing of America the Beautiful, the attending veterans were recognized by Principal Karen Wirkkala and teacher Lori Dearmore.

Mrs. Barbara Rose presented the poster and essay awards to the winning students. Following those awards, Superintendent Alan Bennett and the elementary students presented three musical selections before the assembly was dismissed for refreshments being served to the honored guests.

Superintendent Alan Bennett spoke to the veterans before the elementary students sang three songs to the audience. Bennet said,

"It is fitting that Veterans' Day is celebrated during the season of Thanksgiving. In a few weeks we'll be gathering with family and friends to share thanksgiving to God for our bounty. We'll take time to be thankful for all the earth produces. We are truly blessed in this country.

"Now though, we take time to express gratitude to the men and women who have served our country. Because of your sacrifice, we enjoy the freedoms this country affords. All we accomplish in this life, the opportunities we have, are because of the sacrifices of those who went before us. Whatever heights we attain, are only because of the shoulders we stand on. Shoulders of men and women like you, veterans. You gave of yourselves, so that others might live. You are people who stood up to the challenge of service, when others might have ducked the responsibility. Some of you went oversees to fight, others served at home. All of you have one thing in common though, when your country needed you, you were there.

"We take time today to honor you. Thank you for all you have done. Many of you finished your service to our country and came home to continue service in new ways. I know many of you have chosen occupations that involve serving others. Others of you volunteer your time in service to others as well. I thank you for the fine example you have set for us all and we dedicate this song to you today."

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