SEAVIEW - A recent 42nd Street Cafe Community Fund Night that featured the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau was a success. In addition to the 20 percent of its proceeds from meals served, Blaine and Cheri Walker, owners of the Cafe', also donated gift certificates for meals at the restaurant.

The four $50 gift certificates were raffled off. The winners included Joe and Trudy Lyster of Long Beach, who won two of the certificates, which nicely capped off their 30th anniversary dinner. Peggy Bleckov from Blackwood Beach Cottages, was the winner of a third certificate and the fourth went to Albert Howerton of Seaside, Ore.

Prompted by the donation of two books in book bags from Gayle Borchard of Independent Books in Long Beach, the crowd of diners created a spontaneous auction, which netted the Visitors Bureau an additional $370. Among the items offered for auction were a chef-prepared dinner for eight from Steve and Shelly Pollock, one hour of graphic design consultation from Spence Photography and Design, a cake for eight from the Shoalwater Restaurant, four bags of organic salad greens from Green Angel Gardening and fudge from Anna Lena's. The most unique offering of the evening was a dramatic reading by Laurel Kirsch of "Barnyard Friends," which will be held in early summer. A handmade seven foot scarf of Italian design was given by Kate Bayne of Salem, Ore., and a hand-knitted scarf was offered by Cheri Diehl of Ilwaco.

Among the many diners during the evening were Jayne and Jim Nash, formerly of Ocean Park and now residents of Westwood Hills, Kan. Jayne was president of the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau Board of Directors in 2000 and past-president in 2001. For a list of upcoming Community Fund Night beneficiaries, visit (

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