PACIFIC COUNTY - In addition to all the groups sending relief to the hurricane disaster victims, a group of Pacific County residents are launching a campaign to bring a needy family to Pacific County. In this time of great need our community can help a family get back on their feet. Our county may be small and poor, but its population is kind and generous; knowing we could also become disaster victims at any time.

Coordinating with colleagues in Houston and New Orleans, the group plans to find a family willing to relocate to the Peninsula. Local citizens have been receptive of the idea, with many individuals offering to donate furniture, clothing, and whatever might be needed. We are also challenging similar communities to do the same; collectively we can all help in this time of great need.

Pamela Snively and Alayne McGhie are coordinating the project. For information, ideas, or added support please call Alayne McGhie at 642-7006, or e-mail her at

The Gulf Coast region is devastated from the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina. It is estimated that it will take months to restore utilities and years to rebuild. The total cost of all of this is well into the billions. The people of this disaster feel that they have been forsaken. Although we can't all do as much as we might like, there is certainly something we can do. The Lightship Restaurant and Las Maracas in Long Beach and Astoria are making sure that there is something we can all do. For three days they will donate 20 percent of all non-alcoholic sales to the Red Cross in the names of the victims of hurricane Katrina. They would like to make sure that they do something to help and make sure that everyone has the time to participate.

In recent months it has come very clear to all of us in the coastal communities how close to disaster we ourselves could be at any moment. If that time does ever come, we will be looking for the same type of help. Together our impact can be great.

For additional information call Jessica Baird at (360) 244-1763.

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