PENINSULA - On Jan. 26 and Jan. 27 an assembly program was brought to Ocean Park Elementary School and Long Beach Elementary School called "WE CARE." WE CARE stands for Working Enthusiastically for Constructive Activities Releasing Energy. Program Director Don Fogle and his partner "Mag" Hughes spent two days on the Peninsula entertaining and actively engaging the elementary students in a wide range of activities.

At Ocean Park Elementary School the program was sponsored by the Friends of Ocean Park School (FOOPS) and their assembly focused on "Games Around the World." They celebrated the differences and the commonalities of many cultures by playing the games people play. They traveled around the world and discovered that smiles are same in any language.

Long Beach Elementary School's program was sponsored by Parents Inclusive and was called "Teams Work 101." They developed "teamsmanship" and sportsmanship while working together to accomplish a goal. The students learned that accomplishing a goal is easy and fun when your team is performing in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.

At both schools, the day started with a lively, entertaining, and funny assembly where students and staff actively participated. Fogle and Hughes are fantastic educators and, more importantly, great people who know how to capture the attention of school-aged children. Then they both stayed in the school for the remainder of the day and worked with all students in the physical education classes on games they could all play and learn from.

School ended, but the day was not over. At both schools, the parents group sponsored a family night activity that included a dinner and an hour and a half of more entertainment from Fogle and Hughes. The two demonstrated to the students and parents many different types of games from different parts of the world and then parents got to learn those games from their students.

For nearly 30 years, WE CARE has taught life skills using alternative sports and games and their visit to the Long Beach Peninsula will be remembered by the students for years to come.

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