When Nick Killian set out from Long Beach Elementary School last Thursday he was like a marching band unto himself. Walking down Washington Ave., swinging his right arm back and forth as he blew out the same tune over and over. Not far behind him were his band of friends. No, this wasn't a scene from "The Music Man," 76 trombones they were not, as Killian's was the only instrument on hand. Instead his friends were carrying the goods - candy that is. When the small group arrived near the intersection of Washington and N. 5th Street they set up shop. Pulling a blue marker from her bag Racheal Jackson wrote "Lollypop Sale 75 cents Each" and began to peddle their wears to the passersby as Killian kept up his proposed money making melody. The money they were hoping to raise with the sale will go toward a sixth grade field trip to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle this spring. The kids will continue to sell the suckers at school each day. However, it is unclear whether or not Killian will make an encore performance on any other local street corners.

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