PACIFIC COUNTY - Stephanie Fritts, director of Pacific County Emergency Management, issued this statement at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday:

The forecast for the Naselle was for the river to crest earlier today, however observations indicate that the river may still be rising. The forecast for the Willapa River indicates that it will crest between 4 p.m. tonight and 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Both rivers are anticipated at this time to reach record flood stage.

The Pacific County EOC is currently activated and is anticipated to operate twenty-four seven for the next two days, depending on impacts from flooding of the Naselle and Willapa Rivers.

Today, Pacific County jurisdictions worked to assist residents in areas of the county to evacuate their homes. In addition numerous county roads are closed and some state highways have been impacted.

The list of road closures follows:

SR 401 - OPEN

SR 4 - water over the road at mp 6 and CLOSED at mp 31

SR 6 - closed at mp 31, water over the road in other areas

SR 101 - OPEN

SR 105 - OPEN

North River Rd - CLOSED at the Falls River Bridge

Willapa Rd - lane restrictions

Smith Creek Rd - water over the road at end of the pavement

Camp One Rd - lane restrictions

Stout Rd - water over the road

Willapa Ave - water over the road

Dixon Rd - water over the road

Salmon Creek Rd - CLOSED beyond DNR cutoff

South Bend Raymond Rd - at the city limits CLOSED

Monohon Landing Rd - water over the road

Butte Creek/Smith Creek Wye - water over the road

Smith Creek Rd - CLOSED at Grape Vine Hill

Heckard Rd - CLOSED

South Fork Rd - water over the road

South Valley Rd - CLOSED vicinity of the cemetery

North Valley Rd - CLOSED

Road status can change at a moment's notice. This is list is valid for this moment in time only, and cannot be relied upon for long term planning.

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