LONG BEACH, Wash. - Shot Trooper Scott Johnson has filed a $3 million damages lawsuit against the man accused of shooting him.

The suit was filed Thursday by his Seattle-based attorney Jeffery M. Campiche at the Pacific County Courthouse in South Bend. Campiche said he took the action because he and the trooper believe "that this unprovoked attempted execution of a police officer can not be tolerated."

Martin Arthur Jones is in the Pacific County Jail on $5 million bail facing charges for attempted murder and first-degree assault. He is expected to be arraigned Friday.

Prosecutors allege "Marty" Jones was walking past when he saw Johnson and a tow truck driver about to hook up his 2000 Dodge miniver in the early hours of Saturday morning after his wife, Susan, had been arrested for driving while impaired.

Tow truck driver George Hill has described how the gunman shot at the Washington State Patrolman twice with a small-caliber pistol before running away from the scene, at 13th Street South in Long Beach. Johnson survived, but still has bullet fragments in his head.

The Jones live in on 35th Place in Seaview one mile south in a home they bought in 2004 for $298,000. They are believed to have moved to the area from the Tri-Cities area of Washington, where Jones may have worked as a bail bondsman.

The trooper's attorney, Campiche, of Campiche Blue and Le, of Seattle, is asking the Pacific County Superior Court to place a pre-judgment or before trial writ of attachment on the Jones family's Pacific County home and real property. He said the action is necessary "to block the sale or encumbrance of real property in order to guard against dissipation or concealment of the assailant's assets."

He said Thursday that there is precedent for victims of crime suing people who hurt them, even though there is also a criminal prosecution.

"This is a very serious matter," said Campiche. "That there are people who are willing to shoot a policeman doing a routine task should send fear into the fabric of our lawful society and cause us all to be very distressed and uneasy."

Campiche, who is from a Long Beach Peninsula family, grew up less than a mile from the incident. He served as the Pacific County prosecuting attorney from 1978 to 1986.

He said it is too early to determine the long-term effects of the bullet wounds and bullet fragments still lodged in Trooper Johnson's head. Johnson was taken to Ocean Beach Hospital in Ilwaco immediately after the shooting then transferred to Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital in Portland where he spent two days.

He came home to Naselle lunchtime Monday just hours after Marty Jones was arrested. Susan Jones has been charged with driving while intoxicated.

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