WSU's Steve Harbell does hands-in tidepool presentation

<I>KEVIN HEIMBIGNER photo</I><BR>Steve Harbell, WSU Marine Resources extension agent (far right), is seen during a hands-on and hands-in presentation about tide pools at the Ilwaco Timberland Regional Library Monday afternoon. His is one of many summer educational and entertaining programs TRL presents to the community in their various branches in Pacific County.

ILWACO - Marine Resources Agent from WSU, Steve Harbell, gave a "hands-in" presentation to over two dozen eager children at Ilwaco's Timberland Regional Library recently titled "Get a Clue about Tide Pools." The extension agent from WSU's South Bend office explained such things as why some species of crab molt a dozen times and how starfish eat.

The stars of the show were the various species of crab, chitins, sea anemones, barnacles, lichens, worms, and of course, starfish among other sea creatures and a few plants. When Harbell was finished with his talk the children divided into two groups and took to the make-shift plastic tide pools. Questions, a few shrieks of fright, and a bit of seawater flew as the group got in touch with the creatures.

Harbell, who also gives vessel safety and crab fishery talks among some of duties, said he enjoyed the presentations to children because "they are so enthusiastic."

The Tide Pool talk was one of many summer events that Pacific County Timberland Regional Libraries regularly put on. For upcoming TRL events from Ocean Park to Naselle to Raymond, check the Community Calendar each week in B-section of the Observer.

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